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Neumann & Co 12ga Hammer shotgun, info needed

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Any one out there familiar with this brand which I would like more inf on.
Here is what I know:
#1 I understand most all the proof marks
#2 The piece was made in Liege Belgium by Neumann & Co
#3 It has relitively modern steel barrels and proofed as such
#4 Chambers are (12-70) which means it accepts 12ga 2-3/4 modern shells
#5 The reciever is bolstered
#6 It is of high grade (Eloquantly engraved, reciever and barrels)
#7 Inside the locks, it looks like a Swiss watch. highly polished etc.
What I dont know:
#1 Aproxamately how old is it ( I estimate at least 1924 + vintage)
#2 Information on Neumann & Co (I found a few manufactures with the Neumann name and don't know the differences)
#3 I couldn't find much info on high grade Neumann's except that they did make some high grade guns.
#4 Were the high grade guns made custom for cusomers, by order?
#5 It has a lighthous engraved on the rib close to the breach and the word DEPOSE engraved under it. I believ the signifigance of this means it is registerd. (registered name like a patent/copywrite?)

I found a little on the internet about Neumans , but not much, and a lot of it was contradictory. Some say it is only worth 150 to 200 bucks, With the as built metal fit and quality and amount of engraving.... I don't think so.
BTW, I shoot skeet with it and it shoots great ! I do however load the 12's down to a 28ga load with low C-pressures appx 7500psi and 3/4 oz #8's.
Can hardly feel it fire recoil wise. Also shot 410's in it using some Briley sidkicks and they also worked well !



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