Never under estimate an old man

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    Tom who was 81 years old had him a small working farm about 10 miles from town. Tom had just lost his wife to whom he had been married almost 60 years. Rumor had it that Tom had met some young 21 year old girl on the Internet that he planned to marry. One day while Tom was in town he stopped by the bank to make a deposit and the banker a life long friend asked if the rumor was true. Tom assured him that it was not only true but in fact he had already married the young lady and things were going well except she wasn't use to all the work farm life provided. The banker friend suggested that Tom perhaps think about getting a young hired hand to help him with his farm thereby taking some work load off his new city born young wife, really thinking to himself that nature would take its course in that Tom's young wife might find some happiness in the company of a young farm hand. Tom advised his friend that he would take his advice and find someone before leaving town.

    About four months later Tom came into the bank to make another deposit and his good friend questioned Tom on how things were going. Tom said; "haven't you heard, my new bride is pregnant." The banker friend almost in shock and in concern for Tom, said; "how are you getting along with the new hired hand?" To which Tom replied: "great, she is pregnant too."

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