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I've never had the opportunity to own or shoot a hand gun with " Gutter " or trench sights, I have read that for close range and quick acquisition they are the cats meow. They are not meant for target shooting and the Agent sure isn't a target pistol. However most of us are married to the traditional sights and it is hard to give old habits. I have several guns with target sights and I have found that once they are adjusted I never change them:). From the news articles about the today's police shootouts, where the police shoot 30 to 40 rounds and the bad guy is hit once ( plus at least one officer who is hit by friendly fire ), apparently the police don't have much use for sights either. Gutter sights may be just the thing for a close in personal weapon where the longest shot will be no more than 10 feet. I think that if I was in the market for a new gun I would consider them.If the truth be known, 99and 9/10 percent of the people who carry a hand gun will never use it for it's intended purpose, and when used, 99and 9/10 percent of those who do use it for self defence will never see the sights, they will point and shoot.
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