New enfield,mag issuue....

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  1. Preferably an 8-pound sledge, X, and a "Jaws of Life" to sort of move things around. :eek: :D

    British cars eh? Reminds me of a little verse I read somewhere once:

    I once knew a guy who had an Austin . . .
    There was room for his a$$, and a gallon of gas,
    But his n*ts hung off and he lost 'em. :D
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    Mar 25, 2001
    X, you had to take a sledge to the Mini-Cooper????:confused:

    Where EXACTLY did you have to hit it???

    It kind of reminds me when I raced, one day I actually had the Pinto dialed in fairly well, and had some time between the hot lap sessions, and decided to "adjust" my steering column over a little, there were adjustment slots built in the dash bracket that the column hung on, and the oversize wheel bearly touched my left leg with my new seat in place, so I'm in the car, and the column won't move when I loosened the bolts holding it to the bracket, so I had my wife get the 20 oz ballpeen and I start whacking away at it to free it up and move it over a touch.....

    ....and I look up and there's two of my fellow drivers leaning in my car on the other side with funny looks on their I stop and got a puzzled..."What are you doing?????;) :confused: )

    I said, "Oh just making a minor adjustment to the handling...":p :p :p

    It got around the pits REAL fast, became a standing joke, and even made it to the end of the year banquet....

    "Most drivers make "minor adjustments" with wedge and stagger, Mike just takes a sledgehammer to the steering wheel.....":D :D :D
  4. Hmmmm, I take it that same general rule applies to working on your Mosin Nagants as well, Polish? :D Of course, with a fine Mauser one only needs a screwdriver to assemble and disassemble them. ;)