new guy with a sportsman 999

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  1. azrimfire

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    Jun 10, 2012
    high to all,
    just purchased a sportsman 999 "4" from what I can tell by serial # 1982 production, no box or papers but she's a clean one. She was a pawn shop purchase that just kept calling my name every time I visited, upon getting her home for further inspec I dont think that it was ever fired. any way is there any thing special I need to know about this revolver?? any quirks or tips other than the standard cleaning. any tips or info from the forum specialist on H&R's would be appreciated. I have searched the net for a instuction manual, there is a sight where you can download manuals in pdf form, they did not have one for the 999,I understand it is a very short manual, if some one who has one could scan & e-mail that would be great.
    took her to the range this weekend, never missed a beat after approx 75 rounds nice shooter.any idea what the approx value is Ijust want to make sure I did not get ripped.

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  2. todd51

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The 999 is a great pistol. It was my first ever handgun way back in the late 50's. You can look forward to a lot of trouble free shooting. Sorry I don't have a link for a manual.

  3. ozo

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Our Jim Hauff is probably the greatest we could hope for [excellent]
    as he is a collector/aficianado of H&R's......:cool:
    although he would probably be the first to tell you to talk to
    Bill Goforth first....if that were possible. Bill was one of the
    greatest losses we have had in this universe, but I think his
    book finally did get published, a must have for any H&R lover !!
    Search the forum for Jim Hauff's H&R expertise, well worth the time spent.
    Or send Jim a PM.
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