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  1. Gary1111

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    Oct 22, 2011
    Ive recieved a sxs 12ga shot gun. It says new haven firearms co on the side. It has the number 5373 on the reciever and barrell. It says london fluid steel on top of the barrels. The gun seems to be in great shape but is missing the forearm. I cant find a model number so i can buy a forearm for it. Cant find any info on new haven side by sides. Any help would be appreciated.

    ps patapl'd for is also on the reciever. I just found a similar gun on **** .com auction #256685898 still no model #(. My gun has solid barrels and in pic #11 u can see the bottom of their reciever is not one piece mine is. Otherwise its the same gun. Same stock, trigger guard, screws on the reciever etc.
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    New Haven were exclusively Mossberg firearms. Research Mossberg and you will find your shotgun.

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