New here 1853 Enfield, Original from 1/17th Inf.

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    Nov 17, 2007
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    I'm a bit new to the gun collector community. I've waited 10 months while I researched to what to look for when I was to purchase any Enfields from over here.
    I just aquired a 1853 Enfield, on the butt stock it has 1 / 17/ 773, researching I found out it belonged to the British Infantry , 1st Battalion, 17th Regiment of Foot, whom fought over here in the 1st & 2nd Anglo Afghan wars. The only piece I'm awaiting to replace is the lockpiece, for it came with a fake one and the seller agreed for me to come back next week to trade for an original piece.
    I also acquired (but plan to trade or sell) a 1866 pattern MK II Snider Enfield, the lockpiece has been cleaned (the problem with the locals here they clean the blueing off of most of the weapons to make them look shiny for buyers), I checked the inside, all inspector number match, only piece that don't match it the breech lock? Has BSA on it even though it has an Enfield lockplate, so I plan to swap that out, and change the trigger guard, it's original, but with local handwriting, easy swap.
    Only problem I came up with, while being impatiene I had paid a dealer to swap an original lock piece for the fake '53 lockpiece I had, having no idea the 53 pattern hammer is about 1/2 inch higher then the 66 pattern for some odd reason. I don't know how to determine what kind of ram rods my 2 enfields have, but one has an indent in the head, I'll try to post pics up later, I appreciate any help
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