New info on the"new" M38s and /30s, we have a &quo

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    Lasher, who IS a member here but you would never know it by how many times he's HERE... (I'm giving him heck...)

    ...went to visit Aztec arms in Florida this week, they are the ones importing these...

    They're coming in from the Ukraine, and he said they had 25000 of them, said it was kinda neat. I think he actually got to SEE them. He said he can testify they are NOT cobbled together THERE at least , they are definitely coming in the country that way.

    Some are really sweet, some are not so, it's a touch and go thing, he suggested buying from somewhere that has the handpick fee (AIM), there is a LOT of variance good to bad according to him...

    And Aztecs retail outlet, I forget the name, doesn't do handpick, the next rifle up gets sent, "russian roulette."

    Kinda cool, we have our own spy with an importer...

    BTW, rumor has if there were some Tula 44s mixed in with the last batch of "in-the-wraps" from Aim...did anybody get any?

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    I think I lucked out with AIM because I got my order in early, and got some of the nice ones off the top when the shipment came in. They have had time now to "hand pick" through the lot, so definately if you are going to order one, order it "hand pick" otherwise you will likely not get as good of condition one, and most probably it would have the "force matched" floor plate.
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