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    Apr 5, 2009
    hello i'm new here and have a question about a older 32 cal. h&r pistol.makings are 32 s&w ctge. the american double action in the serial# range of 185887 .1st of all what does the letters CTGE mean after the 32 s&w? Any way of knowing age and value? Thanks in advance
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    Dec 30, 2003
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    (BLACK POWDER MODEL):------------------------------------ 1884-1904
    32 caliber 6 shot, 38 caliber 5 shot, 44 caliber 5 shot, pull pin cylinder release, barrel length 2½, 4½ & 6 inches nickel finish standard, blue considered rare. Marked on top strap “AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION”,
    first variation will have a round barrel & nickel trigger guard------1884-1887
    second variation will have a octagon barrel & nickel trigger guard--1888-1897
    third variation will have a octagon barrel , blue trigger guard and company name and address on left side of barrel--1898-1904
    100%=$225 60%=$95, 1st Variation rarely seen, add 50% premium., for all American Double Actions variations and variants: add 15% premium for blue finish, add 10% premium for 4 ½ “ or 6” barrel, add 5%-10% premium for nickel trigger guard (pre 1898)

    (SMOKELESS POWDER) ---------------------------------1905-1941
    32 caliber 6 shot, 38 caliber 5 shot, 44 caliber 5 shot, pull pin cylinder release, calibers and barrel lengths are the same as first model, 44 Webley caliber discontinued in 1921, nickel finish, blue optional. Difference between First Model and Second Model is the caliber Markings on the left side of the barrel. After 1930 this model was listed in catalogs as; AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION No. 60 .32 Caliber 6 shot or AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION No. 65 .38 Caliber 5 shot
    100%=$225 60%= $75 For all American Double Action Second Models add 15% premium for blue finish and 10% for 4 ½” or 6” barrel

    your is a second model mostly likely manufactured before 1920. the CTGE stands for cartridge and is the caliber of the revolver. 32 S&W CARTRIDGE.

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