New Mexico Cow ELK Hunt

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    From: "BADF Disabled Services" <>
    Subject: NM Cow Elk Hunt

    The Canning Ranch, located in Capitan, New Mexico, is once again offering a rifle cow elk hunt for 5 disabled hunters. The hunts will take place anytime between late September into late October. The Canning Ranch is a high fence ranch located at the base of the Capitan mountain range. The ranch offers beautiful mountain scenery and a great time with your host and guide, Joe Hessling.

    The hunters will be placed at ground blinds covering known watering areas and travel routes, or depending on the disability, the hunters have the option of stalking the elk as well.

    The cost of the hunt is $500.00 and includes your stay at the hunt cabin, elk dinner cook out, your guide, and field care of the animal. Quartering, caping, packaging and shipping is extra and will need to be arranged directly with Joe Hessling. Non-hunting companions will be need to pay $50.00 a day.

    The selected hunters must mail a $250.00 deposit immediately upon notification of being drawn for the hunt. Once the deposit has been recieved, the hunter will then make arrangements for the 2-3 day hunt with Joe Hessling.

    When applying for the hunt, please answer the questions below and forward them to me via e-mail to

    The drawing for the hunts will take place on August 1st.

    Good Luck,

    Camron Tribolet
    BADF Disabled Hunt Coordinator

    Type of disablity:
    Do you use a wheelchair to hunt with:
    Will you have an attendant with you:
    If you are able to walk, how far can you travel:
    How far can you comfortably shoot with your rifle:
    Have you attended this hunt in the past:
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