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Hey All! I picked up a Colt Combat Commander today. I wont discuss the price because I am still a bit nauseated. After I got it home, in the bottom of the box under the brown paper, I found the original owners receipt. The original price of the gun was $121.50. He got a police discount of $9.38. He traded in another commander and got $80.12 credit. He walked out with this gun, after tax.........$33.60. There was also a copy of his warranty card. (I blocked out his name for obvious reasons). He was 34 when he bought this gun in 1972. He is now 75. At any rate, I did a property search on his name and found he lives less than a mile from me. This gun is pristine. I am sure it has been shot but not much. No holster wear at all. I am seriously considering making contact with him.


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