New Place to Hunt Hogs in Alabama!!

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    The selfish part of me wanted to keep this place a secret so they would have some of their "super big" hogs left if I ever got the chance to go, but I felt like I had to let you all know about this place! I hear that this is 1,200 acres fenced and has MANY hogs and some big ones too! It was originally fenced for fox hunting and is located in NW Alabama near Waterloo. Their hogs are mostly Russian they tell me. They are offering a special price to disabled hunters and have a passion for us as well. Gary is just starting out with this service, but the hogs have been there for many years. Here is the info, and an invitation for a free stew night where you can find out about what they are doing there. If you call please tell them we sent you.

    The cost is for the hogs is $250 per boar, $1.00 per pound per sow for challenged hunters. They have some trophy size black boars up to 400# plus in size. $30 field dressing fee and skinnng and quartering. Tips are appreciated if you can afford to give him one and want to.

    Click here: Webster Hotel & Suites <>

    offers a discounted rate if you come in for an assisted challenged hunt.

    no kill ... no pay ... no trophy fees

    You can start to book a hunt as of right now

    The person to contact is Gary Daughtry his phone number is
    (662) 652-4040 he can answer all your questions.

    Many of these wild hogs have been here for years and years!



    By Granville Faires and the Oak Grove Hunting Preserve of Waterloo, AL
    and friends of East Colbert Church of Christ

    Date: Saturday November 22, 2003 starting at 5:00 PM on ...

    Location: New Life Center behind the East Colbert Church of Christ
    on River Road near Oh Bryan's Steak House

    Invite all those friends who are handicapped and with physical challenges
    to come out and let them know this is for them. No charge is involved.
    He wants to share what's being made available to them for their use
    and for the use of Dream Catchers USA which is homebased here in
    North Alabama.

    The redstar is Oh Bryan's Steak House on River Road near Ford City.
    The New Life Center is behind the East Colbert Church of Christ. a big
    8,000 square foot multipurpose building

    If you want a percise map put in OhBryan's address of 5245 River Road
    Muscle Shoals, AL under KEYWORD Maps Driving Directions and get one
    from your house to the New Life Center

    We look forward to seeing you there!!! Please try to attend.
    Nancy J. Copeland, President
    Dream Catchers USA
    (256) 757-5477 phone

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