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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Okay I had to do it to say I did. I have an Essex select frame on order to build up to put my Ciener 22 conversion on. I chose this frame because of cost for the first ground up project.

    I plan to install McCormick BT grip, hammer, sear, slide stop, extended thumb safety, disconnector, main spring housing, adjustable skeleton trigger. All pins, springs and ejector are stock parts.

    I have ordered the tools I need to hand fit and install all of the frame parts and perform the trigger job. Quite an investment in tools just for the frame work, but I plan on this project being the first of many.

    The only part I don't have a solution for is fitting the slide. I guess I'll wait and see how much oversize the frame rails are on the Essex select.

    All pointers anyone would like to give would be appreciated.

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    Don, keep us posted, I want to know how the project comes along, especially if you had to fit the mag release, it was suspose to be a drop in part for Frank and I had to take the drimmel tool and a stone to mine to fit it.
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    Steve, I got the Essex frame yesterday and I only had a few minutes to try it and have not tried to completely assemble it all yet. The mag release did drop right in, though it was tight but it freed up after moving it back and forth a couple of times. Also the extender was already installed and the pin was punched in to far to the other side and was rubbing the frame. It also appears the frame rails are oversize on the bottom side and it is causing problems with the barrel lug on the Ciener unit hitting the frame. Gotta look at that real closely too.

    I have some honey-do projects for the next few days, but I will keep you up on what is happening.

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    Hopefully you will not have too much of a problem fitting all your components to your Essex frame. I have built several and I rather like them. As far as whether it will be oversize that all depends. Sometimes they fit and sometimes they don't. Post any problems you might have here and I will be more than happy to take a stab at it. Good luck
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    Hi Chris, I'm glad to see you back. The Essex frame looks pretty good so far. Pretty nice lines with the McCormick parts so far. Parkarizing matches goos too. I'll sho nuf post when I need help. Thanks for the offer!!

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    Tuck,let me know when you finish this one. Do I get to shoot it too ?

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    Sam, You know you get to shoot anything I got! This one is going to be fun building it. From the ground up hand fitting as I go.

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    Re: New project Gun
    Good Luck Don, sounds like a fun project

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    Okay, I've had some time to work on the project. I did a test fit of all the parts for the frame.

    As I assembled the hammer & trigger group I ran into a problem with the sear spring. I had two new springs, but I could not get either spring to engage the sear and the hammer. They would engage fine without the spring, so alignment in the frame was not the problem. As I inspected the springs I noticed the sear finger and the disconnector finger on each spring were too long. Actually the disconnector finger was too long and the notch in the right side of the sear finger was not cut deep enough and was binding the sear. No matter how much it was bent, the sear would not engage. Found a used spring and it worked fine.

    I had to fit the McCormick extended thumb safety to the sear and the frame. The frame slot in the safety was too narrow.

    The McCormick beavertail grip safety fit very well, but I will cut on it some later to provide alignment of its' edges with those of the frame.

    During the check to see how the Ciener conversion slide was going to fit, I found that the barrel link lug on the Ciener barrel hit the frame when the slide was being installed. I had to remove a very small amount of metal from inside the frame to allow the barrel to slide to the rear. After doing this I had a good tight fit between the barrel and the frame.

    I had to file the bottom of the follower engagement lug of the slide release to allow the release to drop down far enough to install it when the slide was installed.

    All the parts are now together and function. I now will go back through it and polish and tune as needed. I will attempt my first 1911 trigger job. I purchased Brownells Hammer, Trigger and Sear kit, and with much reading from many sources I should be able to accomplish it.

    See ya'll later.