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    Just got this link from a friend. Intriguing....

    Here's the link, but below is also the content of the site; however, the PDF and video links will have to be accessed from their site.

    We the people... protecting our civil liberties,
    do hereby demand the firing of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano

    THE SHOCKING REPORT - Civil Liberties at Risk under Secretary Janet Napolitano

    This report, (DHS Right Wing Extremism Report) first made public on The Roger Hedgecock Show, should be read by all Americans. Roger Hedgecock's commentary on this report and what it means is available here. The implications of the impact on the civil rights of EVERY American, regardless of their political affiliation or beliefs, is chilling.

    Every concerned citizen, from the left, the right, moderate, Democrat, Republican, Independent and those who don't consider themselves "political" should read this report and understand that at any time they may be at risk of being "scrutinized" by the government at the direction of the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS"). Every conscious person who reads it can easily realize that a person who is willing to use the strong arm of the US Government to target heroic men and women who risk their lives for their country for scrutiny as potential threats to their power (Janet Napolitano), should not be trusted to head "Homeland Security", a department which was created to protect citizens against the threat of Islamic terrorism. It was NOT created to further political agendas of those in power nor to terrorize law abiding citizens, including heroes returning from military service to our country.

    Contact Information for the United States Senate and House of Representatives

    PDF File with contact information for ALL Congressional Reps
    PDF File with contact information for ALL Blue Dog Congressional Representatives
    PDF File with contact information for CA Congressional Delegation
    PDF File with contact information for ALL US Senators
    DHS Contact Information

    To reach the OUTGOING Secretary Janet Napolitano you may mail:

    OUTGOING Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    DHS Operator: 202-282-8000
    DHS Comment Line: 202-282-8495

    What can you do next?

    You can use the information contained in the links above to contact Senators and Congressional Members of the House and demand that Janet Napolitano be fired and that government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security not be used to intimidate or harass law abiding citizens because of their beliefs, political views or for any other legal activity they decide to participate in. You can contact the DHS and respectfully call for the Secretary to resign.

    Constitution of the United States of America & Related Documents - Be Aware of YOUR Rights Under the Supreme Law of our Land
    The Constitution of the United States
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Constitution of the United States
    The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)
    Constitutional Amendments 11 - 27

    Interview with Janet Napolitano's Assistant Secretary Sean Smith regarding the Right Wing Report
    CAUTION: These people are in charge if our nation's Homeland "Security" - You may be shocked

    Following his release to the world of the DHS Right Wing Extremist Report, Roger Hedgecock interviewed an Assistant Secretary of DHS, a one Sean Smith. As you read this, keep in mind, Mr Smith is an Assistant Secretary (Assistant to Janet Napolitano) of DHS. This department of the federal government is supposed to be responsible for such activities as securing our nation's borders and interior from foreign threats against our citizens.

    During this interview, Roger Hedgecock asked Mr Smith about the ruthless, El Salvador based gang, MS 13, which is routinely entering our country and taking over the streets and neighborhoods of our cities with a violence never before seen in the history of any gangs. You can listen to the entire interview here. Mr Smith claimed he did not know what MS 13 is. This from an Assistant Secretary of the department of the government responsible for protecting our country from the likes of MS 13.

    Some links about MS 13 are included below for your reference. After listening to the interview and knowing what MS 13 is, do you feel secure in the competency and priorities of the DHS led by Secretary Janet Napolitano? Should DHS be targeting American Citizens who believe in the right to life instead of keeping MS 13 from our streets? If you believe not, what are you willing to do about it?

    YouTube video of "The World's Most Dangerous Gang" (MS 13) - 52 minutes but worth it
    One of many descriptions of MS 13 on the internet
    MS 13 on
    MSNBC Report on MS 13 (yes, even MSNBC recognizes MS 13 as a serious danger)
    Do you think your kids are safe from MS 13? Think again.
    Read report on MS 13 from
    A random report from the FBI on MS 13 activity

    Since Roger's interview, Janet Napolitano made a half hearted "apology" for "some of the language used" in this report (she actually ordered it released as is despite internal hesitation about the content) and likened our heroic returning military members to Timothy McVey (Oklahoma City Federal Building fertilizer bomber). Is THIS what you want in charge of our Homeland "Security"?

    Remember if any one or more of the following applies, YOU could be branded a terrorist or extremist and subject to "scrutiny" by federal, state and local police if:
    You believe in the 2nd Amendment
    You believe in the right to life
    You believe in the right to free speech
    You are a veteran who honorably served your country
    You believe in the right to peaceably assemble
    You desire that your government not waste YOUR money
    You believe you pay enough taxes already
    You are a returning member of the military who risked your life for your country
    You desire the laws of our land be ENFORCED and our BORDERS SECURED!
    You are of the Jewish or Christian faith and believe the government should protect against radical Islamic fundamentalists who desire to kill you and other Americans
    You believe those who violate the law should NOT be rewarded with YOUR tax dollars.

    The only question is, "What are YOU going to do about it?" Answer: GET INVOLVED and Take Action!
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    I am all for tossing out Janet Napolitano. In fact, I am more in favor of abolishing the DHS itself! That whole idea was a presidential push to stomp all over the Bill of Rights. The new president is not doig anything to reverse the abuses of the last president either.

    One of these days, most of the US will wake up and notice that they no longer have the rights they thought they had. No longer will then have a 5th amendment protecting them against self incrimination. No longer will the have a 4th amendment protecting them against unreasonable search. No longer will they be allowed to protest the government abuses in print, speeches, or over the internet. What will they do then? I think sadly that they will only moan about it and not rise up to correct the problem. The people of the United States have mostly lost the will to live as a free people.

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    The ignorance of the DHS secretary is not important to the performance of his job. Under this administration, MS-13 and the Islamic terrorists are not terrorists. We are the one who are a threat to this administrations vision of Amerika. Guilty on all counts except the Iraq thing.
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    :eek:I think she is Janet Reno in disguise,both dykes.Got to be! HA HA.
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    I always find it humorous that people get so worked up now that the leftists are wielding the power that the right wing was all too happy to give the government in the first place. We have Bush to thank for the DHS and Patriot Act, and I told everyone that Obama would not get rid of it and would only expand it. How I wish I had been wrong. Then again, what do you expect to get when ones liberties are being consistently ratcheted away by two party tyranny?
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    "Janter Naploitano is Janet Reno without the grace and beauty"
    :D Charles Declens.
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    My favorite Clinton joke: Do you know why Chelsea Clinton was such an ugly child?? Because Janet Reno was her father!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :eek: