New with question about .33 Winchester

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    Apr 21, 2009
    I used to reload, but due to moving and other things, I gave my equipment to my brother-in-law several years ago. But now I've been struck with the bug again, after recently finding a box full of reloading equipment at a yard sale. A lyman T mag press, with .357 and .22 Hornet dies, a 505 scale and some basic case prep stuff. Still need a powder measure, case trimmer and such. In the past I reloading .44 Mag, .357 Mag, 9MM, .41 MAG and .33 Winchester. Somewhere I still have a set of Lyman dies for the .33 and a set for .32 Special. I even have a case forming die to turn .45-70 brass into .33 cases. But looking through catalogs, I can't find any bullets or molds for bullets. I have some brass, some load data, but it's all useless without bullets. I have my great-grandfathers 1886 winchester and my late father's model 94 in 32 special, a pre-64. Maybe it's time to hang these on the wall?
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