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redd wiggler
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(2/1/02 7:46:03 pm)
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Anyone out there know anything about New York Arms Co.?
I have a 12 ga. double made by New York Arms that was passed on to me from my dad. I have looked in a couple of gun "value books" but I have never found any mention of New York Arms. The shotgun appears to a have a modern steel barrel(not damascus), is hammerless, and has New York Arms Co. written on the side. What's it worth?


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(2/1/02 8:09:13 pm)
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Hello redd wiggler and welcome to the Firearms Forum.
I personally have no references to New York Arms, but I'm sure someone will be by shortly to help you

Be sure to visit and post as much as you like.


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(2/1/02 8:11:22 pm)
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Re: New York Arms
New York Arms Co was a trade name used by the HD Folsom Arms Co (Crescent/Davis) for shotguns they made for the Garnet-Carter Co, Chattanooga TN. Early 1900's.

Value is $200 tops, and have it checked very thoroughly before you even consider shooting it.
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