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(3/21/02 12:50:22 pm)
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I am a Louisiana resident, had a post ban h/bar for 6 years, I am really interested in a m4a3 w/ collapsible stock and a three shot burst. Can I purchase this gun legally? What paperwork is involved? What type of costs should I expect. Thanks for any help

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(3/21/02 2:28:16 pm)
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Welcome! I`ll try a brief answer here. Your State must be Class III friendly.....and I believe they are. Call around and find a dealer of these types of rifles, they are more than helpful. If LA. is a Class III friendly State, you will pay a one time $200.00 NFA tax (per gun) what ever the dealers processing fee may be (usally $100.00 or less) and the cost of the rifle, and that could be $5,000.00 for a ratty one and twice that for a minty one. You will fill out an FBI fingerprint card and passport size photo, along with all the paperwork. The dealer will then submit this to the FBI for a background check (can take up to six months.....three months on average) If approved, the dealer will call for final closing of the deal (also if you are denied) Expect to put a precentage of the selling price hold the rifle, until approved/denied. If denied, he may keep a percentage of the hold money for his trouble and keeping the rifle off the market. Ask questions concerning refunds upfront, as different dealers set different rules. Take heed, if you are treated in any way BAD...(the dealer you choose) find another to do business with. Some ClassIII`s have very tempermental attitudes (JERKS) I`m sure I`ve missed something....but other`s I`m sure will chime in. Regards LTS

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(3/31/02 1:01:51 am)
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lowers are around $5800-6400
M16 A2 lowers are $6000-9000
Your accessories will be about a grand more for the M4 barrel and A4 upper and telestock and bolt and fire control parts.
If you are willing to go with a clone lower and Bushy upper you are looking at more like$5500 total.
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