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    I use other ez board forums but I just found this one today. I've been shooting my .22's a lot lately after spending most all of my time on centerfires. The last .22 I bought, in August, is a Ruger Mk. II Govt. Comp. (slab side). I put a Leupold 2X scope on it and I'm amazed at how well it shoots even with cheap ammo. The ammo I've been using lately is the Federal 36 gr. HP that comes in the 550 round carton. With that I can get groups just under 1" at 50 yds off of a sandbag rest on the bench.

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    Welcome JS4. We hope you like the forums. Feel free to become part of the family. We try to help any way we can.

    My first pistol was a Browning Challenger III. It shot great out of the box. Unfortunately in a daze of stupidity, I traded it.

    I recently tested the CCi Velocitor's in my Marlin rifle and they grouped real good. Zero misfires. You might want to give it a try.

    Hey, Bin Lauden, our women can kick you butt!

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    JS4 jump in any time and post what yur a shootin' and what yur a hittin'...and despite what ya mite see around here, the bestest shot is Smokin Guns...
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