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    I just found this forum and have spent the last couple of hours going back through all the posts with great interest. With all the experience here, I hope you will help point me in the right direction. I want to try to build a "tricked up" 10/22. I plan to use this rifle both for hunting and for fun target plinking. I would really like to have a rifle capable of shooting tight groups without having to "hock" one of the kids, and feasibly light enough to take out and pop the eye of a squirrel. I am not a gunsmith, nor do I have a fully stocked machine shop. With all the component stocks, barrels, trigger parts, etc., etc., that are available, I am totally confused about which are junk, which are good, and which are too good (too expensive for my use). And, where can I find the how-to info. I'll need (having never done this). I guess I've asked a ton of ?'s. As I said, I know from all the posts I've seen here that you guys have the knowledge to help get me going. BTW, I don't have my 10/22 yet. Since I'm really only going to use the receiver, should I just get a "Walmart basic 10/22 to start??

    Thanks for your advice!!!!!

    Mike in TN

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    Hi Mike from TN, and Welcome to the Firearms Forum.

    I found myself in your shoes a while back. After reading about the accuracy achieved with the "drop-in" parts, I set out to build 1. Well, actually with the advice from Liktoshoot and personal Coaching from "Shooter45" I'm there

    I traded for a 10-22 (I got it from Blackgun), I got my Blaster Stock from "Boyds", 18" Green Mountain Heavy Barrel from White Mountain Barrels, Shooter45 got my Power Custom Competition Titanium set ( adjustable trigger, matched set trigger/sear, spring set, Buffer, Extended Bolt release) from Midway. I found my Scope at a on-line auction (another Member now DrXRing) Tasco TG6x24x44.

    Now ask yourself how much money do I want to spend?
    Like it will help, because it's a blast building

    A WalMart 10-22 is a good start, unless you can find 1 less expensive. And build from there. I understand you are looking for something lighter, so you could go with the composite stock and Fiber-resin barrel, for example a Butler Creek.

    You've come to the right place.
    Ask away... We're here to help!

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    Hi Mikentn, welcome to the board. Keep us posted on your project.

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    Hi mikentn......welcome to TFF.

    Sounds like a fun project.

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    Welcome! You might cruise the old threads in here, then see if you have any other questions. The 10/22 is a lengthy subject when just starting, but we`ll help as much as possible. Regards LTS
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