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(2/17/03 11:22:04 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Newer .35 Remington cartridges in Older Rifles
Has anyone shot any of the newer .35 Remington rounds which have recently come on the market in an older rifles like a Remington Model 8? I am speaking of Cor-Bon's .35 Remington 180 gr spitzer at about 2280 fps out of an 18.5 inch barrel and Buffalo Bore's 220 gr flat nose at 2100 fps. Has anyone shot this stuff out of a Marlin lever-action? I would imagine it would probably be OK in an older gun, and I really wouldn't hesitate to shoot it out of any bolt action, but I'm a little leary of trying this out in my old Remington Model 8. Any info would be appreciated.
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