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    Ok, IMR 4350 is not grouping worth a hoot in the 264 mags. Before I try the others I have on hand, anybody got a powder they like. I have H1000, H4831sc, H380, Reloader22.

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    When I was reloading for the .264 'bottomless pit' I had good results with H4831, the old stuff(milsurp). I would guess that 4831SC would work well,Reloader 22 should be a viable choice. No knowledge of H1000. AA3100 does well in my 6.5/06 if thats any help. ol' John in Hondo.

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    Yeah, Shooter -

    With what you got, the H4831 and the RL-22 should help you out. They're slower than the IMR 4350. You probably have a 26" tube on that .264 Mag, so the slower powders should be consumed pretty well by the time they reach the muzzle. The H380 might be a tad fast, and the others are really too slow. Also, start with standard primers with the 4831 and RL-22. Move up to mag primers only if you aren't getting the velocity you think you should. The RL-22 works well for me in the 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm Dakota and the 6.5-06.