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Inherited this well-kept H&R 32 S&W CTGE. 3 1/4" barrel with Nickel and Blue trigger and guard. Stored in a closet for more than 40 years. I shot a few rounds of smokeless 32 ammo with no problems. Cylinder locks in nicely when fired. Hinge is very tight. Nickel finish is 98%. Bluing on trigger/guard are 98%. Bluing on top spring lock is 75-80%. Plastic grips are excellent with only a small scuff just below target on left side. Several scratches on the cylinder.

Stamped on top of the barrel:

Stamped on Left side of barrel:

Serial Numbers match on barrel assembly (under cylinder) and body (bottom of grip). #140471

Numbers on cylinder and auto-ejector match. #485

From my research, I think it was manufactured around 1913-1915, but is a little confusing to me as I compare my serial number with those on other threads. Had it looked over at a local gun shop. They told me they've never seen one of these in this good of shape.

Can you help me know what version, year of manufacture and approximate value?


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I can help with a value estimate. Year of manufacture someone else here has the info for sure - I don't have the books.

These little top break pistols aren't very valuable - I have one that I paid $38 for last fall. However, the finish on yours is better so figure it would go for somewhere between $50-70 at an auction. There are a lot of these pistols available. I use mine as my truck gun in case I hit a deer and have to put down it if the accident didn't kill it. The version you have is a safety hammerless and a number of companies made these. H&R, Iver Johnson (who also sold as US Revolver Co. for mail order), Meridan and S&W made them and there are a few other companies also.
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