Night Dreams

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    To all of the Wounded and Deceased Warriors who passed through my my aircraft while homeward bound during the Vietnam War, and there were hundreds of them both. You Are NOT Forgotten!



    In the midnight dark they come to me
    In harsh dreams of long ago
    Of a world that most forgot
    And ask, “Do you remember me?”

    Men with cloudy faces
    Soldiers of all races
    Mere boys who took their places
    In some past war’s distant traces

    Passing in long rows
    Robes of scarlet gossamer
    Golden wings, arrows and bows
    Privates, Sergeants, Officers

    Voices in some foreign language
    Yet I know what they mean
    I know it is just a dream
    It is part of my heritage

    We were together once, the same
    I cared about them then, and now
    I felt their passing somehow
    But never knew their names

    We were warriors then
    But at night I’m troubled now
    And I feel their tug somehow
    To rejoin their ranks again

    I toss and turn, bathed in tears and sweat
    As I remember each and every one
    Reaching out to take their hands, and fall in step
    Then, I awaken and find I’m still alone

    Shaken by my Night Dreams

    Copyright © 2008 Richard William Taylor ​