No More 30-06 Trouble

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    Jul 31, 2011
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    If this is a copy of my previous post I apologize and ask the moderator to remove one of them.

    I has a little trouble with my 30-06 reloads and thanks to the advice I received here I not only was able to cure the problem but I also got some great results.

    Load Data:
    Bullet: Hornady 165 gr SST
    Powder: Varget
    Primer: WLR
    Brass: Recycled, mixed head stamp
    Rifle: Remington Model 700 bolt action, passed dowm from my Dad.

    I loaded fifteen shells, five at 44.5 grains, five at 46.5 grains and five at 48.3 grains. All were taken to the range to see which load would produce the best group. I was not interested in hitting the bulls eye, I was only interested in the group.

    The heavest load 48.3 grains Varget performed the best. Four through the same hole and one stray. I can more than understand the stray, I most likely pulled the shot right. It was the last of 25 shots total and the '06 had given me a pretty good beating.

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  2. jim brady

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    Thats a nice group at 100 yards, especially considering the mixed cases! You made a great point - when working up a load you are not concerned about anything other than the group size. You can always adjust the point of impact. I'd try to repeat the same load with a couple more groups like that. If it repeats - I'd say you found a combination your rifle likes. Great job!
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  3. JLA

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    Nice work D. Love it when a plan comes together.
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