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    Jan 28, 2003
    (9/22/01 10:31:24 pm)
    All No more talk.
    Over the past few days I have seen much, as have all of you. I have seen thousands die, "live" on TV and I have seen the aftermath of the attack. I have heard from Liberals who say we should apease the terroists and try to understand why they carried out this "act of war".

    To the Liberals and Socialists that live in this country and to those of you who would like to merely "explain away" this terrible act, and to those who would like to analyze this to death, I have some words for you. The following is something that I wrote shortly after the attack. It contains my feelings and the belief that we will overcome.

    I have been thinking a great deal the last few days. September 11th is indelibly burned in to all of our memories. My first reaction was one of total disbelief at what I had just seen, this can’t be happening to us. What the hell is going on? As the flood of news reports came in and the picture of what had happened became clearer, the reality of the death and destruction finally sank in and I began to weep.

    Every time more photos of the destruction are shown on TV a lump forms in my throat and it is all that I can do to suppress the tears. Tears of anguish, tears of pain and tears for the great loss of life and what used to be. I cannot imagine how the families of those lost are dealing with this great catastrophe.

    I feel as though I am carrying a great weight on my shoulders and I have a constant dull ache in my head. I haven’t smiled much the last few days. I am numb.
    I came home from work Friday night and turned on the TV to catch up on the latest bad news. I was once again overwhelmed by the great loss and utter disbelief in what I was seeing. Even as I write this the tears come too easily and I cannot shake this feeling of foreboding.

    My young son was asleep on the floor when I got home and as I watched him sleep I began to think back and my mind began to wander. I thought of my Grandfather, my Father and my Uncle, all three gone to their reward. My thoughts drifted to my oldest son, a member of the United States Navy, soon to leave aboard ship, bound for some distant land. As I sat there and thought about all the things that had happened over the past few days a feeling came over me that I cannot explain.

    As I look at the past I see a Grandfather who served in WWI, a Father and Uncle who served in WWII and I look at my own past having served two tours in Southeast Asia.
    I now look at my oldest son who proudly serves in the United States Navy, his future is uncertain.

    These are certainly troubled times and only the historians will be able to judge whether we made the right decisions. As for myself I am proud to have a family history of service to this great nation, which continues today with my oldest Son. I pray that we are victorious in our quest to destroy this evil that has fallen upon us, there is a long and hard road ahead. My Grandfather gave his two sons and my father gave me in defense of our nation, as I now give my oldest son. I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I know one thing for sure. I will gladly give whatever I have to protect this Nation. If I had 10 sons, I would give them all.

    We must stand as one nation, under God. We must be willing to fight this illusive enemy and at the same time we must be aware of the enemies from within that seek to destroy our way of life. Exchanging liberty for safety is not an equitable exchange and in the end will prove foolhardy, if we slowly become those who seek to destroy us, we lose. Be alert, be proud and be determined. Do not let the history books say that all of our Sons and Daughters died in vain and that the American dream was nothing more than a wisp of smoke.

    This great nation has survived much in its history; countless thousands have died in defense of our ideals and our way of life. On Tuesday many more names were added to that list and there are more to follow. We are a free people and we will remain that way. We will not bow to any enemy who seeks to destroy us. The terrorists who are responsible for this evil attack swear that they will defend themselves to the last man, they will have the opportunity to prove it, and in this regard they will get what they want.

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    Re: No more talk.
    Touching...........Thanks Bondai

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    Re: No more talk.
    AND! God bless you and your's Bondai

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    Re: No more talk.
    Thumbs Up bondai!

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    Re: No more talk.
    Bondai, damn eloquent and heartfelt. It only first really put lumps in my throat and a pang in my gut when watching the telethon last night and seeing the pictures of just some of the lives(mostly young) of those snuffed out in this instant of insanity. My only son (17) is graduating from USMC bootcamp
    in a little less than 2 weeks. I am very proud of him but I know very soon he too along with your son could be put in harm's way. God Bless these boys in their quest to help freedom ring and please keep them safe.

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    Re: No more talk.
    Outstanding !!! Thank you for sharing bondai !!!

    "We are Americans. We are proud and we are free, and we will remain that way. God bless this Nation, and God bless all of you."
    AMEM !!
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