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    Aug 27, 2009
    i live in southern indiana,old country boy at hear
    just so you know,i had a 1911 45acp given to me because of the same reason,i did call atf and after i told them how old it was i was told it was seems that at one time side arms that were issued to an officer upon retirement or mustering out they were given the oppertunity to purchase the firearm.if they purchased it the serial number on that gun was removed and the number given to another same seems that it was not necessary to delete and then add to inventory.i still replaced my frame with an essex satin nickel and after some other mods it will now outshoot my goldcup.please chk with atf and dont take my or anybodys word. old semperfi
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    That is nonsense, and the ATF agent was full of s***. The government has NEVER done such a thing. Never ever, take the word of an ATF or IRS agent on anything. They are so often ignorant of even the simplest aspect of the laws they enforce that it is a disgrace.

    If you have a technical question, write (no email, no phone call) to BATFE HQ iin Washington and ask the question. The response is binding on all ATF agents, something the word of one agent is not.


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    Jim K ... right!

    old simperfi, my Uncle (Army) was 'given' his 1911. I have seen the papers. It is as issued except for the use. All marking including the s/n. His son who is pushing 80, has it now. I will ask if he still has the paperwork and will fax me a copy.

    Not to kick a dead horse ... The pistol shown is NOT a Remington Rand. RR did not exist when the 1911 was made. R-UMC did but that was a different company. What is shown is an arsenal overhaul pistol with markings polished off .. for some dumb-ass reason. The pics below are my 1916 'RR' .... which is really a Colt frame that has been through an arsenal overhaul (or two). The RR slide was a common change, as was a HS (high Standar) bbl and Keyes fiber grips. You can see RIA (Rock Island Arsenal) above the trigger guard right side. The original Colt inspector marks are visible but will not show in a pic. See for more.

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    Better not be in possession of that without a S/N. You'll be committing a felony. As it is now, it's not worth anything because you can't sell or trade it. Take the good stuff off the frame like grips, springs, etc. and either buy a frame through a licensed dealer, or a lower end new 1911 and turn that frame in to the cops. Why take chances on that gun? It's not collectible and not worth getting caught with and going to Federal prison for. Do yourself a favor. Too much hassle keeping it. TJ
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