No Shopping At Target Stores

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    Hiya Gang ....

    I received an interesting email that was forwarded to me that contained the following below contents. I am not sure exactly what city this took place in but Corporate Headquarters was contacted as well which speaks then for the entire chain as far as I am concerned .....

    Regarding Target .....

    We asked our local Target store to be a sponsor of the Vietnam
    Veterans' Memorial Wall during our spring recognition event. We
    received back a reply from Target management that "veterans do not
    meet our area of giving. We only donate to the areas of arts, social
    actions and education."

    My thought: If the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and the Vietnam
    veteran himself, does not meet the criteria of these areas, something
    is wrong at Target.

    We were not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, but
    simply sponsorship endorsement for a "memorial remembrance". As
    follow-up, I e-mailed the Corporate Headquarters and their response
    the same. Personally, I will NOT be buying anything at Target Stores
    again. If the Vietnam Veteran does not meet their area of giving then
    why should I as a Vietnam veteran, spend my hard earned money in
    their stores?
    Please pass this on to as many people as you know.
    Maybe Target and other businesses will get the message.

    This Sucks!


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    This has been around fro a while. There's nothing to this rumor.

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    Did'nt realize it and ya mean to tell me its just a "rumor" ?


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    Troops....I also received that same info through a very reliable source plus a few more other situations of the like regarding Target. I myself will not discount it as fiction.