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(2/18/02 10:51:34 am)
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I have just purchased a Noble Arms Pump Action 12 ga.. I am pretty happy with how it shoots, but have never heard of Noble Arms.

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(2/18/02 11:17:58 am)
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Here ya go Cricket67

Noble Manufacturing Company
Previous manufacturer located in Haydenville,Ma. Circa 1950-1970.

Noble manufactured both semi auto, lever and slide action rifles in addition to both slide action and side by side shotguns. While most models were relatively inexpensive,good working utilitarian guns, there has been little collectibility to date and most rifles are seen in the $35 to $85 price range while the shotguns are priced in the $65 to $175 range.

Hope this helps.

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(2/18/02 1:29:45 pm)
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Had a Noble pump gun years ago, no longer in my collection. It didn't bear any "Noble" markings as it was made for "Smith & Wesson". 12 Ga., riot gun with "NATO" and then a bunch of numbers following that. It was a good, reliable gun, really wish I had kept it..... If I ever sell another GOOD gun, please hunt me down and SHOOT ME....believe me, I deserve it, MANY times over....
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I am the owner of Noble Arms, ( we manifacture custom upper receivers for AR Style rifles.

There has been some confusion, as to who made the shotguns from the 1970's marked Noble.

After hearing this I was able to find out that they have not been around for 35+ years. Little is around on them, they were however great firearms. is not affiliated in anyway with shotgun company.

Noble Arms currently registered as a business is not affiliated and is unrelated to the Noble Firearms and is not related in any way to the Noble Shotguns of the 1970's, they are no longer in buisiness and have not been for 35+ years.

If I can be of any assistance please emai: [email protected] or visit:
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