Non-Hostile Shooting

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    Marine Killed by 'Non-Hostile' Shooting
    April 04, 2009

    MIAMI - A U.S. Marine from South Florida was found dead in bed in a barracks in Iraq from a gunshot wound to his head, the Defense Department said.

    Lance Cpl. Nelson M. Lantigua, 20, died in a "non-hostile incident," The Miami Herald reported. The death is under investigation, Defense officials said.

    Relatives said they had been planning a welcome-home party for Lantigua, who had been scheduled to return home a week after his death March 31. He married a week before his deployment and his wife was described as "devastated."

    ''That's what makes this so hard to accept. He was so close to making it home. But a person's destiny -- it's a powerful thing,'' an uncle, Francisco Santos, said.

    Lantigua, who was born in the Dominican Republic, moved to Florida with his parents when he was 13. He enlisted in the Marines in 2007.

    Officials said Lantigua was a field artillery cannoneer and was stationed in Anbar Province.

    If you are shot, unless you know it was an accident, IT IS HOSTILE, no matter what. This is the day that people start to become blind and not see what is infront of them. Either he made someone really mad, or he knew something he wasnt supposed to.
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    What a poor choice of words for this situation (even if they're "standard" for a non-war-related incident--but does this really fit that definition?).

    I can't imagine the agony of his family....SO close to being home!!! My heart goes out to them... :( :( :(
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