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(5/6/02 5:15:04 am)
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I recently bought a Norinco 1911 (Commander Length) and took it to the range yesterday for break in. It shot a tight group, though a bit to the right, and had a some creep during the trigger pull. It did not jam. But the thing that bothered me is that every spent casing landed square on my forehead. Instead of being ejected up and to the side, the brass goes straight up and BACK, landing on the center of my forehead (thank god for baseball caps!!). Can anyone tell me how to remedy this?? -----Jun

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(5/6/02 11:08:20 am)
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Re: Ejector trouble???
Someone will be along shortly to help you out!
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(5/6/02 11:51:30 am)
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I`ll guess this one, because I have never handled a Norinco. If built like a 1911 clone and uses the same style`ll be in luck on this answer.
Remove the slide and look at the ejector (mounted to the frame) it should show a sloping angle on the top leading edge (front facing chamber)....not sure of the exact degree`s. There should also be a slight angle on the edge of this first angle facing the ejection port. "A picture is worth a thousand words here" you have to change the angle.....if one is even present......I suspect there is neither, if the brass is going straight up and back. I would not even bother messing with it, unless you have a picture/diagram or the ejector and it`s angles. I would simply yank it and replace it with a "Wilson" bullet proof and easy fix. 1911`s can be tuned to eject brass any way you like.......time and experience with them help here. My river gun is tuned to throw brass.....straight out 4` and rear-ward about 1` with FMJ 230`s . Regards LTS

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(5/6/02 1:49:08 pm)
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Hahah, thats funny, same thing happened to me shooting one of my friends guns, not sure what brand it was though.
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