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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Reply norinco models...
    has anyone ever heard of the Norinco 'cavalry' model? would anyone know how many variations/models are out there? is there a site which documents Norinco pistols?

    thanks a lot in advance. cheers!

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    Use Google. Type in the word Norinco. I looked at those sites this a.m.

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    Reply Re: norinco models...
    All right, I got the itch, an I just got to scratch it. I'm thinkin' about picking up a Norinco 1911. I've heard some pretty good stuff about 'em. Any body got any opinions???????Hurry up with a reply because if get enough free time tomorrow, I might end up at the gunstore, they got a couple in the case there, and I don't think I have enough willpower to resist...
    Your Buddy, MO

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    Hey Mo, I got 3 of 'em. A good deal for the money. Do a trigger job and they a fine shooters. They are very good bases for a custom pistol too. Shop around and you can find one at $400 or less.
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    The Norinco 1911's are great pistols for custom work. They do need a trigger job, NM Bushing and fitted barrel link along with better sights. When the work is done you'll have a great shooter.

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    I appreciate the input, my friends. I haven't had the time to get to "Ye Olde Gun Shoppe" and my car has been in the shop for over a week now... BUT as soon as I get my car back you can bet I'm gonna be down at "YE Olde Shoppe" to help bolster the international arms trade! I'll let you know awhat I got awhen I git it!!!! I'm still fighting off a bad case of "wheel gun flu". I hope it's gone by then so I can buy a Norinco 1911 or a Hungarian Hi-Power clone!
    Thaks Again.
    Your Buddy,

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    I've had one for several years. I think I have shot it probably
    100 rds. I finally hit the berm, don't know where the other
    rounds went. I finally shot into the dirt so I could figure out
    where it was shooting. Target came out a virgin.
    It is an older model, I got it when they first came on the market. The frame finish is pretty rough.
    It went bang 90 per cent of the time when I pulled the trigger.
    Does anyone know whether the frame is forged, cast or machined from bar stock? I have talked to others that have customized them with good results. I may play with it after I
    get the Colts fixed up.

    The hammer doesn't hit square on the firing pin/slide. It hits
    to one side. Think a stoning may fix the mis-fires.

    Remember this is a first on the market gun. I haven't seen any for sale lately.
    About the rough finish, have you seen the new Colts?
    I have seen better finish with a chisel and file. The new
    revolver I saw, in the gun store was really pitiful for fit and
    finish. I think it was an Anaconda, anyway the new one from Colt. The new 1991s seem to be some better. I bought a new older 1991 stainless and the finish is excellent.
    I'm not knocking the Norinco, just posting my experience with an older manufacture.

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    (3/21/02 8:48:58 pm)
    Reply Re: norinco models...
    I have been selling my modern guns and putting the money in collectibles. I've got two norinco 1911's I would like to sell, one is gentley used with no holster wear and the other is new in the box still sealed in plastic.

    If your interested email me at
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