Norway won`t support the war .

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 20, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    (3/17/03 3:08:45 pm)
    Reply Norway won`t support the war .
    Well I`ve just read at a newspaper site that Norway will
    not support the war ( that is likely to happen ) .

    The reason is that it lacks the resolution that was to be voted for by the UN.

    I was kind of hoping that there would be a vote just to see where the countries stand , Norway would have supported it if the US would have gotten the 9 votes , so it is not like " we " would have backed out if someone
    would veto it ( France or Russia ) .

    Though I have somewhat suspected this to be the governments position , since there has been quite a debate back home regarding the prime ministers view on this , Norway recently sent special forces down to
    Afghanistan and MTB`s ( motor torpedo boats ) to
    another Nato operation ( I don`t remember which one ) ,
    I guess this is to show that it is NOT because "we" don`t want to contribute , just that a war without the resolution will not be supported .

    Though for Norway as a small and European country you kind of have to " play along " sometimes regarding the politics ( Norway is not the US in Europe...hope you get what I try to say )....and agreements / disagreements
    between the European countries regarding this will effect the relationships of course .

    Though I don`t think that the relationship between the US and Norway will suffer that much .
    Due to the fact that I mentioned above with the forces and that Bush already have discussed it with our prime minister .
    Futhermore it is possible that Bush will come to Oslo in Norway in May for a visit , I hope he does , and seemingly the topic is how to fight terrorism .

    Though we still sell weapons and equipment to the US...... , like the Raufoss 50cal round , which someone
    has said is illeagal ( sure who gives a F** )
    and Simrad nightvision systems / sights .

    I don`t agree with the governments position , but in
    regards to Europen relations I can of course understand it , though it is important to say that the governments
    position isn`t necessarily the people`s opinion , that basically goes for all countries since the number of people pulling the strings are few...democratic or not .

    And of course since I support the war then I wish all the best to the soldiers in the U.S army.....we already know they`ll fight bravely...I just hope they can do so at the lowest cost for their country

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    (3/17/03 4:11:11 pm)
    Re: Norway won`t support the war .
    That's ok, like any other country that don't support the war against Iraq, they won't be a beneficiary of any money that rebuilds Iraq!

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    (3/19/03 12:12:39 am)
    Reply Re: Norway won`t support the war .
    I read tonight that there are still 300,000 iraqi refugees in Jordan from the LAST war that haven't been adequately provided 'care' for. Does anyone know if this is true, and what the US _has_ done to help them?

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    (3/19/03 3:05:05 am)
    Re: Norway won`t support the war .

    Thumbs up to you, anyone with any sense knows that
    your a stand up supporter of right & know the
    difference between right and wrong! It's plain to see
    that you can read carefully between the lines!

    Thanks to you and those of your country who are of
    the same line of thought!

    In my opinion, you folks are with us in thought & spirit
    and maybe more, and that is enough & more support
    than we can ask for, and more than some on our own
    soil have sense enough to realize my friend!

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    (3/19/03 6:37:38 pm)
    Reply Re: Norway won`t support the war .
    Thank you Tac..that was a nice thing to say

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    (3/19/03 7:06:54 pm)
    Reply Re: Norway won`t support the war .
    Welcome to you Archangel!!!...Nice to see other countries here!!!...
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