Nosler 35grn bullet recipe

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    Dec 27, 2009
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    I just got 50 22cal. nosler 35grn leadfree ballistic tip bullets for christmas. I looked in the Nosler reloading book for a good varmint load, but they don't have anything lighter than 40grn bullets in the book.

    I will be shooting them through my Olympic Arms AR-15 with the 16" bull barrel. (not sure of the twist, or series of gun, it doesn't say on it. Its either the K16 w/1:9 twist or the MultiMatch ML-2 w/1:10 twist)

    -The powders I have on hand are:
    IMR 4895
    Hodgdon H322
    IMR 4227 pistol
    IMR 4759 pistol

    -CCI small rifle primers

    -Mixed brass: Hornady, S&B, ect.

    Any suggestions on a good load?
    I hunt varmints like coyote, fox, ground squirrel, ect.
    I'm open to any good load ideas, or ones that just preform good out of the AR-15.
    I will purchase new powder also, if need be.

    Thanks, CMJ
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