Nostalgia Reigns!

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    Well -

    It got me! Guys show up at the range with full auto firearms and I shake my head in silent wonder as the brass flys everywhere and the bullets strike in wild patterns on the backstops. Even show up with tripod mounted air cooled .30 and .50 Brownings, with lots and lots of ammo!

    Then yesterday, one of the nicest fellow member for the club comes wagging in a Thompson M1921A1, 20 and 30 round stick magazines, plus a 50 round drum mag. This is an original that was first owned by the Montana state penal system.

    The range is kinds slow, so I waltz over and start ooohing and aaahing because it is in pristine condition and he had all the goodies, plus a metal ammo box full of commercial loaded hardball. Told him of having been assigned an M3 grease gun when in the tank corps and we compare verbally the pros and cons of each firearm. THEN, ol' Tom wanted me to touch off a few with his Thompson!

    SON - that was a treat! Fired a few on single fire to get the feel of the weapon and the trigger, then switched over to full auto and tried to tap out some 3-4 round bursts. The cyclic rate of a Thompson is about half again as high as an M3, plus the solid bar bolt of the M3 caused the gun to sorta rock up and down as the bolt slid back and forth. Not so with the Tommygun. That sucker starts of level, then continues to climb, no matter that it has a Cutts Compensator and you've got positive down pressure on the front grip or stick mag.

    After a few magazines worth, I remembered a thing we used to do with the M2 carbine, which was to cant at a 45 degree and aim to the lower right of the target. As the muzzle rose thru recoil, you could walk the hits from lower right to upper left with the center shots being somewhere near the center of the desired aiming point. We tried this and it proved to be successful with the Thompson. Ol' Tom appreciated the imput, as there is a "sub-gun" meet out at the range this weekend and he plans to use the new technique (for him) during the shoot. I appreciated his letting me burn off a hundred rounds or so of his ammo - and he did all the reloading of the magazines, plus cleaning the weapon!!!

    He even cleaned up the brass on the range! (My kinda guy!)

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    I wish I could have some fun like that. Sounds like it was a great day for you.

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    Can you see colors on this thing?


    GREEN with envy...8)
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    Yeah, Polish -

    An' I'll tell ya', Son - that ol' Thompson would really do a class act on a rototiller at 50 paces!!!!!!

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    Snicker! Snicker!

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    Re: Nostalgia Reigns!
    If you folks ever get a chance to buy a full auto
    firearm you will never give it up, I have one and
    they are FANTASTIC!