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    Jan 31, 2001
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    PLEASE READ!!!!!
    Hope, you suggested that we all try to get together and talk about JD---that you hoped your suggestion wouldn't be a bother.....I think JD would be the first to do it for one of us if roles were reversed.....
    Not a bother Hope and you are indeed right about JD...I remember back a few years ago when Ron Wee passed away...Jd was at the forefront of it all bringing to light who, what, why, and how Ron Wee affected/effected us all...In fact, one of the topics listed hereon mentions being in Ron's memory. Strange, this site of ours---hell, strange as the Vietnam war was and still is to a lot of us.....I agree with you Hope that we should 'circle the wagons' ---go about this in a way the will recall JD, to and for each of us....Without divulging any confidences that may have been established between JD and myself on those long, long, telephone conversations, I just bet I could make a lot of you smile about it all. He was not an 'empty suit' but had donned a coat of may colors over his lifetime...Shoot, I don't want to sound or be morbid about it all....Old Boss Man would have been the first to discourage those tendencies....Again, as I so often do, I recall that nautical song by Roger Whittaker, THE LAST FAREWELL: 'I have no fear of death, it brings no sorrow, but how bitter will be that last farewell....."....Go for it Ms. Army, jump in there and tell us about the JD you come to know as a friend....and you Mith, and Berto and Gunner.....Judge, you and Ginga sure can do it!!!!! I recall once an extended phone conversation in which JD was telling me about being involved in some law enforcement, undercover work---I tell you, I had to wipe the phones reciever off from tears of laughter being shed on that stupid thing....JD, thanks for the memories...Chief
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    Jan 31, 2001
    I agree Chief, life on the VMBB has not always been a smooth road. But I wouldn't have wanted to have missed the experience.

    A true friend is a valuable commodity and JD was just that, A True Friend. He held his vets in the highest regards and would never allow anyone to treat them any different. He was patriotic, loyal to support of veterans. I always thought JD would have made a good drill sgt. - he could really get the troops moving. JD served his community and state in law enforcement, he knew the drill.

    We here at the VMBB have been more then lucky. We were provided with a place to come together and realize we wasn't all that different, we are vets. TFF was founded from VMBB and brought into play a great board with more interest and a great bunch of posters.

    When speaking of JD, words tend to excape me but they all get rounded out together........


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    Jan 31, 2001
    Owyhee County, Idaho
    Same here kids,

    I started as an introvert on VMBB but Steve pulled me in with PM's and middle of the night phone calls. It was his idea that I should become more involved in the operation of the board and appointed me Admn/staff.

    He will be sorely missed.

    I saw TLynn at the VA Hosp. yesterday and she asked for the paypal addy you posted. I'll send that to her later tonight/this AM.

    In Gods Love,

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