Not a RKBA issue but a first ammendment issue.

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    OK, I blog about my adventures in the wilderness and sometimes I use a product that I feel others should know about. Sometimes the product is good and other times the product is not worth the packaging it comes in. I write a review based only on my experience with the product that I purchased.

    Now, if some company decides they want me to try out a product in exchange for a freebie, I run the risk of the FTC deciding that I am a "shill" and providing a biased review that is not totally honest.

    For the most part, all product reviews, paid or not, are opinion. Opinion is "protected speech" and can't be used as the basis for legal least that used to be the way it was!

    The publication of "opinion" or "suspicion" is common and used extensively by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in all sorts of situations to try and get public support for some action. If they are going to bring legal action against any blogger for the publication of an "opinion" then the feds, and liberal congresscritters, open themselves up to a multitude of law suits.

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    Shouldn't the word "FEDERAL" in FTC be a dead giveaway? I mean sooner or later they will figure out a way to screw you out of something. That's what they do for a living. :eek: :mad:

    As Ronaldus Maximus one opined "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help" are the 9 scariest words in the English language. :D
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    Does this sound similar to holding gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed by criminals? I'm going to have to research the law that was passed protecting gun manufacturers and see if it is specific to gun manufacturers or is generic enough to squash this attempt at thought control. I don't have time to do that now. Maybe somebody could look up the law and send me a link to it?