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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by berto64, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. berto64

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    Jan 31, 2001
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    Got this from the CEO of Auction Arms today:

    Dear Valued AuctionArms customer:

    You may have heard the recent news or received a message from EBay that they have taken yet another anti-Second Amendment position (their first was in 1999 when they abandoned their firearms sellers) . They are now, once again, abandoning their good and faithful customers who sell firearms parts, ammunition reloading components and reloading gear.

    Here is that message:

    Hello everyone…In mid-August, we will be updating our Firearms, Weapons and Knives Policy to place more restrictions around gun-related items. Once these changes take effect, we will prohibit listings of any firearm part that is required for the firing of a gun. This includes items like bullet tips, brass casings and shells, barrels, slides, cylinders, magazines, firing pins, trigger assemblies, etc. Please read the Firearms, Weapons and Knives Policy for more details on our current policy.

    As you may know, eBay does not allow the listing of any items which are regulated by individual states or the federal government; however, there are still a large number of firearm-related parts that are legal and are widely available in retail stores. These items have also historically been allowed on eBay.

    After learning that some items purchased on eBay may have been used in the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April 2007, we felt that revisiting our policies was not only necessary, but the right thing to do. After much consideration, the Trust & Safety policy team – along with our executive leaders at eBay Inc. – have made the decision to further restrict more of these items than federal and state regulations require.

    This new update continues to encourage safety among our community members and brings our policies in the U.S. and Canada in closer alignment with our existing policies in other markets around the globe.


    Matt Halprin
    Vice President, Trust & Safety

    We strongly disagree with eBay’s stance on the 2nd Amendment in general and specifically in their lackadaisical abandonment of their long and faithful customers. We think it is unconscionable. But hey, it’s their right, and we love them for helping us continue to build our business!

    While eBay may have disdain for the 2nd Amendment rights of it’s customers, we here at Auctionarms believe you should be able to sell any legal item you may care to, especially firearms, firearms parts, ammunition, ammunition components and reloading gear…how else are you going to defend yourself against mad men and the evildoers who stalk innocents in those politically correct “gun free” zones?!

    We believe you should have the right to sell these items in a free and open market. We believe you should have the right to be free from fear of abandonment by a online sales venue that you've invested your time and money in to create profit for them and a reputation and goodwill for yourself.

    We have proudly built our business and reputation on firearms. We have for almost 10 years now. We will continue to do so. We will not abandon our customers at the whim of some misguided, liberal minded, political correctness. That is our pledge.

    We invite all abandoned eBay seller to move your firearms, firearms parts, ammunition, ammunition reloading components and reloading gear immediately to AuctionArms. Show eBay you can abandon them as quick as they abandon you and move to the BEST place on the internet for firearms and firearms related auctions!


    We pride ourselves on customer service. We freely publish phone numbers through our “Contact Us” link that appears on every page. (find a customer service phone number on eBay!). We have real folks in the good old USA to talk to when you call those numbers. We care about our customers and about the rights of our customers to fully enjoy their rights under the Second Amendment.

    Top 10 Reasons to move to AuctionArms:

    1. We won't abandon you, ever.
    2. No Listing Fees: There are never any fees to list an auction at AuctionArms and our selling commissions are much lower.
    3. Free sign-up: For abandoned Sellers signing up in August, we will eat the sign-up fee for new abandoned sellers moving from Ebay (normally $4)
    4. Free Auctions: For abandoned Sellers signing up in August, we won't charge you for any Final Value Fees (sales commissions for the first month if you disclose your eBay seller’s nickname) in order to ease the transition and reward you investing in our learning curve.
    5. Free Special Features: For abandoned Sellers signing up in August, we will give you free Special Features for your first month.
    6. Free over 200 Items listings: We will arrange to waive fees for added auctions if you list more than 200 items at a time. Just let us know.
    7. Feedback Credit: We will credit your Ebay Feedback record towards becoming a Penny Auctioneer (a highly popular and successful feature on our site).
    8. Retained eBay recognition: We will provide recognition of your eBay earned feedback status and use of your eBay nickname (when available) in order for you to salvage some of your hard earned goodwill and reputation.
    9. Free Introductions: We will send an email letter of introduction to your past buyers at eBay, (you'll need to confidentially provide us with an emailing list) introducing them to your account at AuctionArms.
    10. Special Discounts: We'll provide you with special discounts based on fees payment history with eBay for firearms parts, reloading components and reloading gear (we'll need you to confidentially disclose payment history with eBay to us to qualify for this benefit).
    11. Familiar categories: To assist eBay’s newly abandoned sellers in moving their auctions to AuctionArms, we have reproduced their categories for firearms parts, reloading components and reloading gear so that they will be easily familiar to you.
    12. Support for pro-gun rights: For every abandoned seller that signs up with us in the month of August, We will be donate $ to the NRA Foundation.

    OK, I lied, there are 12. As always we like to add special value for our sellers.

    How can we offer all this free stuff? Well, we are so confident that once you use AuctionArms to connect to our international customer base of like minded firearms enthusiasts and see how well we work for you, you will like what you see and stay with us. You'll generate future sales and commissions and we'll all win. How can you loose…frankly, you can't!

    If you've received this message and are not an eBay seller, but have purchased these sorts of items from eBay sellers, do them and yourself a favor. Forward this message on to them. Help insure you will continue to enjoy a broad selection of firearms parts, reloading components and reloading gear through the convenience of the internet and at a Second Amendment friendly site!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this message and thanks for being a customer at the BEST place on the internet for firearms auctions. We appreciate your business and look forward to many years of providing you with unparalleled service.

    Spread the Gospel!

    Manny DelaCruz

    Chief Executive Officer, Inc.

    The BEST place on the internet for firearms auctions!

    AL MOUNT Active Member

    Oct 9, 2006
    Cleaning my Thompson in The Foothills of the Ozark
    Would you believe......:eek:

    I got the same email....:D

    God Bless Auction Arms.......[​IMG]

    To E-bay I say.....


    And furthermore......

  3. Bruce FLinch

    Bruce FLinch New Member

    Aug 27, 2005
    Bay Point, Kali..aka Gun Point
    I like their website!

    :eek: AL! What happed to Homer!? :eek: I miss him already! :(

    AL MOUNT Active Member

    Oct 9, 2006
    Cleaning my Thompson in The Foothills of the Ozark

    I'll put him back up shortly.....:D
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