Not to be believed!!

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    Lately since I joined here and been thoroughly enjoying the repartee on this site all I have been doing on Brand X is runnig my auctions. Well....this morn I went to the discussion board and they are vilifying(bringing into ill repute, speaking evil of)of all people The Duke. The thread says he is a draft dodger and a rotten actor! I don't know how moronic some of the cretins over there can get but I guess this is a good example. John Wayne will always be one of my heroes, regardless of his real or screen persona. I believe he and Bill Boyd(Hopalong Cassidy for those youngsters here) were the positive role models for many of us. I guess that shows that they have nothing more constructive to do but stir the pot with this ridiculous smear
    campaign. I give the whole bunch of lugnuts who dreamt up and support this crap a great big "F".

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    Re: Not to be believed!!
    JW did what he did best(Acting/Entertaining) and
    that WAS his contribution to our Govt. and a BIG
    one I might add, he as Bob Hope and a sleu of others
    helped our troops more than most realize!

    If those people are throwing shit around about the "Duke"
    then maybe the old saying applies to them and that is
    "He's a nice guy but he's an asshole!"
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    I believe I`m old enough to seperate fact from fiction and what he did for this country was beyond the call of duty(JMHO) but when he put on that "MIA/POW" braclet and vowed never to remove it until they were back or accounted for.....he became a figure of respect to me, in times of great sorrow...............................................
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    Marion Michael Morrison (aka John "Duke" Wayne) attended USC on a football scholarship until he blew out a knee in a football game.

    Right after Pearl Harbor he attempted to enlist, but was classified as 4F (physically unfit for military service).

    While perhaps not as versitle an actor as some, he was nonetheless very popular and very good in the roles he played.......and I seriously doubt that anybody ever questioned his courage to his face.

    He was one of my favorites.

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    That is just par for the course over there. It is the same crap as usual.

    Never have heard a bad thing about John Wayne. He was one of the good ones.

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    I don't usually post over there anymore, but I couldn't help posting a reply to the looser who started that thread. Shit for brains....