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    The monthly Jihad stats for November were released this week with over 600 people killed and over 1200 injured. Breaking those figures down for the 30 days of November means that every 70 minutes, somewhere in the world, someone was killed in the name of Allah.

    IN the USA, CAIR condemns ACT! For America as hate speakers and has asked one of its members to be removed for a lecture series beginning in January. Cair also jumped up and down over a minor Mosque fire in Oregon, which was allegedly lit in retaliation of the so-called ‘Christmas Tree’ bomber. Though, CAIR was silent when it came to the condemnation of the actual bomber.

    Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

    As CAIR continues to harass anyone that speaks up against Islam, they are given the green light under the guise of Religious freedom.

    Here is a recent quote from a friend who is an ACT! Chapter leader:

    “We are fighting CAIR tooth and nail and I personally consider them our biggest threat. Not only do they twist everything under the sun to suit their needs but they are influencing our Government through tolerance and "outreach" programs such as their partnership with the FBI”.


    November was also a record month for the amount of US and NATO troops killed in Afghanistan. Shortly, I will release another note with a full list of name of all the fallen for that month. Please, take a few minutes out of your day to pay your respects.

    Elsewhere in the world, it is more of the same, the usual staples that keep this vile, evil machine called Islam motoring on. Child rape, murder, harassment, persecution, lies (taqiyya), theft, the list is endless.


    Please also take a minute for the 41 people that have died in the worst fires in Israels history. A young boy, 16-year-old Elad Riven lost his life while volunteering in battle against Carmel hills fire. He was an only child that had just celebrated his birthday, his mother is devastated.

    Vin 4th December 2010.


    Topics/ Countries in Order in this note are:

    The Fallen, Must Read, Minorities, OhBummer, USA, Israel, England, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Photo Captions

    ♦ Must Read

    ‘The truth of the matter’: Gadi Adelman

    America warns Islam, we don’t what your kind of peace

    A Proliferation of Threats against Christians in Pakistan

    The issue of Sharia law and human rights is rippling around the world.

    Islamists targeting Christians wherever they can find them

    Hate crimes, where the islamophobia?

    Nobel prize winner being investigated for fraud

    ‘Halal food movement can lead Muslims to rule world economy’

    Maldives accepts Gitmo prisoners in exchange for US support to obtain IMF funds: WikiLeaks

    Incest in Islam

    EU must spend more to fight terrorism: EU official

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Not the child my Grandmother wanted

    Somali terrorists multiplying in the US

    Financial Jihad at Ground Zero

    Did You Know Israel Created Radical Islam?

    Why a woman would convert to Islam

    Sharia Law is already here

    Leading rabbi says Europe risks being 'overrun' by Islam

    To the media, "terrorists are never terrorists, never Muslim, even when they're both."

    It Just Isn’t Christmas without a Muslim Bombing

    American University attacks and the Delegitimization of Israel

    Al-Shabaab's new recruitment video

    Extremists see 'Islamic Caliphate' for 2022 World Cup

    The Islamic movement is affecting America’s population


    Accompanying Must see youtube on Islamic demographics

    U.N. working to protect Islam, persecute others

    ♦ Minorities

    Buddhists in Jordan

    Christians in Afghanistan

    Christians in Ethiopia

    Christians in Egypt (youtube)



    Christians in Guinea

    Christians in Iraq




    Christians in Indonesia

    Christians in Nigeria

    Christians in Pakistan

    Hindus in Pakistan

    ♦ OhBummer

    Kind Abdullah of Saudi Arabia thanks Allah for OhBummer

    OhBummers Middle East hidden agenda

    ♦ USA

    US slams PA comments on Western Wall,7340,L-3992357,00.html

    CAIR official refuses to condemn Hamas


    CALIFORNIA: Old City Hall packed for Temecula mosque hearing


    Mosque approved


    Opponents set to appeal (article and vid)

    Fourth man indicted in Somali terrorism case

    COLORADO: Woman fights Boulder Jail to keep headscarf for mug shot

    KANSAS: Pastor arrested for handing out Gospel of John in front of Mosque

    OKLAHOMA: Judge Blocks Oklahoma’s Ban on Using Sharia Law in Court

    OREGON: Suicide bomber wanted spectacular show


    Tree-Lighting plot not Portland's first terrorism activity

    Deputies investigate assault on Muslim inmate in Portland jail

    PHILADELPHIA: Son of domestic terrorist to speak at local Church

    ♦ Israel

    The Muslim world celebrates the fires in Israel

    ♦ England

    Taliban fighter is cabbie in London 9 months a year and kills NATO soldiers the other 3

    Radical Muslims given Channel 4 slot

    'Taliban mentor' cleric allowed to speak at House of Lords

    Pakistani man ‘raped wife and beat her over And over’, British Court told

    British Airways worker 'offered to be suicide bomber'


    Man denies charges

    Daughter discussed risks of terrorism: 7/7 inquest continues

    Muslim Serial Offender Jailed for Slash Attack

    Nuneaton Soldiers Parade ends in race storm

    Cambridge Man’s court victory over Muslim centre extension

    Bristol Mosque could be built despite objections

    WikiLeaks: David Cameron admits crazies let into England

    Southend killer detained under Mental Health Act

    Christian couple lost business after expressing views on Islam

    ♦ Australia

    Ibrahim sister caught up in drive-by shooting

    'Burqa trial' school head jailed for fraud

    Health policy overhaul on back of burqa

    Scholars question Islamic "revival" among Aboriginal Australians

    ♦ Indonesia

    Islamic laws are 'abusive', report says

    Group calls on Indonesia to overturn Sharia Laws

    ♦ Philippines

    Basilan schools closed due to threats of kidnappings, terrorism

    ♦ Bangladesh

    Imam rapes 10 year old girl

    Female students highly vulnerable to stalking

    ♦ India

    Muslim girl killed for affair with Hindu

    Shootout in Srinagar market kills four

    ♦ Pakistan

    Court issues stay order against release of blasphemy accused

    Pakistan mother denied presidential pardon for 'insulting Islam'

    6 killed in attack in Pakistan

    Pakistani tribesman to sue USA over drone attacks

    Juvenile accused of blasphemy granted bail

    5 suspects linked to 2009 attack arrested

    Pakistan Christian Congress Files Petition in UN to release Asia Bibi

    All non Muslim Govt Officials to be killed

    Cleric offers Rs 5 L for killing Christian woman Asia Bibi

    Pakistan is a rogue state with a rogue army

    ♦ Afghanistan

    Death toll rises after suicide bombing

    Over 100 Taliban militants surrender

    Man in Afghan Police uniform kills six US troops

    ♦ Italy

    Job offered to Pakistani blasphemy woman

    ♦ France

    French Algerian terrorism suspect is extradited from Italy

    ♦ Germany

    Munich: Imam Arrested For Breaking the Bones of His (Third) Wife

    Most Germans unruffled by terrorism alerts

    Germans more negative towards Muslims than others

    Imam who lectures on non violence is arrested for beating wife

    Seven persons to be charged in bakery blast

    ♦ Austria

    Yodeling offends Muslims, man fined,_say_judges3

    Austrian MP Ewald Stadler addresses Turkish Ambassador (youtube)

    ♦ Spain

    Seven terror suspects arrested

    ♦ Russia

    Justice official gunned down in north caucus

    ♦ Turkey

    The Government now recognizes us officially, says Bartholomew I,-says-Bartholomew-I-20131.html

    ♦ Iran

    Car bombs kill nuclear scientist

    Star of David spotted on roof of airport terminal

    Iran executes woman accused of murdering lover's wife

    Iran: U.N. sending spies, not inspectors

    ♦ Iraq

    8 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded

    Govt says 41 percent Kurdish women are mutilated

    Baghdad bombing targeting Shiites kills 17

    ♦ Palestine

    Abbas to UN: Continued settlement constitutes a 'time bomb'

    Abbas: Free Shalit – 4 ½ Years after He Turned Down His Freedom

    Palestinians say they are no longer bound by The Oslo Accords

    ♦ Saudi Arabia

    King Abdullah books entire VIP floor of hospital

    Man held for touching woman’s hand

    Al Qa'eda intended to post poisoned perfume

    ♦ Lebanon

    Al-Qaeda-linked militant group urges Sunnis to rise up against government, Hizbullah

    ♦ Syria

    IAEA turns up heat on Syria, Iran

    ♦ Ethiopia

    Alleged Qur’an Desecration: Ethiopian Christian Gets Three Years in Prison

    ♦ Tanzania

    2 Christian church buildings burned down

    ♦ Somalia

    11 dead as Islamist factions fight

    Hizbul Islam, Al-Shabab Clash in Bur-Hakaba Town Once Again

    1,000-man militia being trained in north Somalia

    ♦ Kenya

    Teenage girl tortured and shot dead for leaving Islam, by her parents

    ♦ Nigeria

    Seven people killed in ethnic violence in the North
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