now it's OUR turn! anti immigration rally...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rosierita, May 30, 2006.

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    On Saturday June 3 American citizens all across the nation will be joining together to rally for Secure Borders. Ground Zero for the rallies will be the Arizona Border on one of the largest human and drug smuggling corridors on the southern border where human smugglers load human cargo to be transported to cities and towns all over the U.S.

    In Arizona, at Ground Zero, a human fence will be formed at HIGH NOON AZ time as American Citizens link hands on the Arizona Border. At the same time, at rallies at Mexican Consulates, State Capitals and cities across America, U.S. Citizens will link hands in solidarity to demand secure borders. Join us on June 3 and help us send a strong, powerful message to our elected leaders—Secure Our Borders!

    you can find a rally or host a rally! please pass this link along to everyone you know!
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    They always do this stuff at the peak of my work season...I suppose thats the difference though, some may be able to gather by the thousands to protest and make big waves, but some of us have real lives with real jobs and real families to support.

    I hope this rally is huge, but I really doubt it, everyone I know will be working or resting from doing so.

    Thanks for the post Rosie. :)


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