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    By Dorothy Anne Seese © 2003
    The heathen are laughing because they're winning their battles against the historic Christian heritage of America by appealing to courts that are politicized and above the law of the land. While it is my personal view that the Christians should withdraw and depend on their Higher Court, there are a few observations to be made about the loss of constitutionality -- the rule of law -- in America.

    * Loss of freedom never limits itself to one class of people. When lawlessness reigns, then people of all persuasions will be affected, and eventually oppressed.

    * When judges oppose the historical rule of law set forth by the founders, then there are two options for them: make law from the bench, which is unconstitutional -- judges cannot legally make law, only legislators make laws. The other is that "law" will be Roy Bean law, or law as the judge sees it, not as commonly understood by any system of precedent or founding documents. Such laws are arbitrary, capricious, and unfair.

    * When the rule of law is uncertain, lawlessness will eventually take control until the state takes over by martial law. This is the present dispute with military tribunals. Without benefit of counsel or jury, the accused may be tried, convicted and executed and such person's name never be released to the public or to the family. That is the way of the banana republic and the barbarians.

    * Without the rule of the law, there are no rights, only privileges.

    * Inevitably, state control results in total state oppression, and it was against such abuse of power that this nation was founded.

    * It is impossible to have a ruling elite granting privileges without having a dissenting faction that will create revolution and bring down the nation from within.

    Those who are congratulating themselves on the total secularization of the United States should stop and think that they were much freer when everyone (even smokers) were free. One form of repression will beget another. Eventually weapons will be confiscated so that individuals will have to rely on the state for protection, and the greatest protection they will need is against the abuses of the state.

    America had freedom much too long to quietly go into slavery without a bloody uprising. Most Libertarians I know are not Christians but they are ready to fight, with weapons, against government abuse of power. This nation was so constructed as to provide sovereignty to each state, and the federal government has usurped that and every other power once exercised by the states alone. This has been the legacy of the victory of the North over the South. I will repeat -- the war was not over slavery but over philosophy of government: confederacy vs. federalization. Federalization won.

    Without an absolute standard provided by the law of the land, all law becomes capricious and varies with that most fickle of human products, public opinion. Public opinion is largely created and manipulated by the media based on emotion rather than reason. Because of this, no one can be certain of any protection by the state, other than the rulers in power at the time who could likely be hanging from a tree the next day if the tide turns. For good examples, read the stories of imperial Rome or Greece.

    It appears that the American public could somehow match up growing repression with increasing crime and violence. Oppressed people are stressed people. Where money is the national deity (and it is) then any and all means to get it will be used by some, and that "some" is a varying number using varied methods from fraud to assault and murder. Everything is for sale and nothing is sacred. Very well, then your life is not sacred to anyone but you. Do you matter? Only to you. Not to the state, the law, an ex-spouse, a neighbor, just you and perhaps some family. The "father" state is actually the wicked stepmother state, and as long as you are in a nation, you are subject to its vacillating legal system.

    The rule in America has been "innocent until proven guilty" but that no longer holds for everyone and will soon hold for no one. Voting is already useless because we're given our choice of someone else's candidates, not our own. We are free to select from the pre-selected. That seems to apply in China, the former USSR and in present-day Cuba. Yet the US leaders will maintain we are a free people while grabbing those freedoms daily.

    Conscription is about to descend on us again, and you will surrender your sons and daughters to the military with the hope of seeing them again. Only hope. If they do return, they won't be your kids that you sent to the government, they will be professional killers, either mind-bent or irreversibly hardened to the reality of war, death, murder, torture, rape, mutilation of human beings and the sight of detached body parts. Everything that a person could once avoid by being in America is now or will be forced on America's youth, so that some will be so savage they dare not be turned loose on society. They might be labeled as missing in action or meet with some accident, but they will never come home.

    Do you want to protest? Sorry, you were one of those who felt that the Constitution was out of date for this generation, and now you will see the results of your choice. Protesters are enemies of the state and will be shot. Just like Tienanmen Square dissidents. Our leaders will proclaim our liberty and you will be mandated to display your flags, indicating your approval of our government, or be an enemy of the state.

    And you were the one who felt that taking someone else's liberty was such a victory!

    If you don't believe the above is possible, it is not only possible, it is imminent. We're running out of troops to send to the far corners of the earth, and conscription is about to become fact. Read the news. The small parts that never make headlines. Read about the government land grabs in the US, the UN "heritage" sites that belong to the world whether they're in our country or not and whether we like it or not. Read! You aren't very free now but today you are fairly free in comparison with what is descending upon this nation.

    We once had tolerance and now it must be taught, but it is not tolerance as we practiced it. It is a forced tolerance. The same with unity. We once had a national identity and a form of unity against all intruders, but now we have a forced unity that is the most tattered semblance of unity ever smashed together by political rulers for the sake of government control. You once had the protection of the US military against national security threats, now you will have NATO or other UN forces entering this land because our own military is engaged in foreign incursions and occupations. Can you reason with a soldier in a strange uniform who doesn't speak English?

    There was a time when diversity was not an issue. In the mid-1950's there was all manner of diversity at our universities, foreign students who came to learn from us how to make their own lands better. Apparently they didn't do all that well, but in attempting to "offend" no one, this nation's idea of diversity is to accept anything, everything, all comers legal and illegal, so that we no longer have the strong America that would fight to keep our Constitution.

    Those days are gone. Utterly gone.

    The lawyers and philosophers, political scientists and sociologists can argue until dawn breaks about what makes a more perfect union and come up with nothing better than to go back to what we had, but we cannot so they have no answers for the future other than to allow the present to take its course. You are along for the ride insofar as you make no protest. Other nations are looking at us in bewilderment, curious as to what happened to the America everyone held as the model of liberty.

    It, too, is utterly gone.

    When the Constitution went, America became a banana republic, a role model for gangsters and gays, the home of the elite and the poverty-stricken. We are killing our unborn, we are killing our elderly and infirm, all for the sake of economy and a sustainable earth.

    Grab a tree, hug it and weep.

    Dorothy Anne Seese, a long time favorite at the SierraTimes, is retired after 25 years as a legal secretary/assistant with over 15 years in business systems and procedures analysis. Her hobby is freelance writing. A native of Southern California, Dorothy lives in Sun City, Arizona. Please visit her website "Flagship".
    All rights reserved. Copyright by Dorothy Anne Seese 2003

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    Ne'er a truer word, or words, has, or have, been said.

    Thanks, Pops. Just looked through Sierra rapidly this am and missed this one.

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