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Nuther Marlin 60 question

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I just found out my wife put a new SS Marlin model 60 on layaway for me. She says it comes with a scope. I was wondering what kind of scope? Tasco or Simmons maybe?
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My Model 60 came with a un-named 4x20 scope. 20 MM lenses front and back, that taper down to 3/4" inbetween.

Nothing to write home about. But it works good enough to hit the 10 to 8 rings at 100 yds.
ehh I wouldn't worry about it. I'd look into a nice silver scope and a set of S/S rings to match your stainless barrel. Then put the scope that comes with it on an airgun or just have it as a backup. Just an idea...
I call those scopes pee shooters. They arent much but like said here, they will do ok short range.
You might get a few bucks out of one of those scopes at a flea market or something. The one that came with my 795 was a real hunk of junk. But the one that came with my 60 from 1989 was a Tasco that wasn't nearly as bad. I still have that one but I haven't used it in at least 18 years. It never was real good but it's better than what they put on them now.
I'm probably just going to toss the scope. I'm not much of a scope fan but thought if it was a halfway decent one I might let it stay.
Just found out that Marlin is using the Centerpoint house-brand (no-name embossed) scopes...

Quality? Better than a thrice-blasted TASCO...

It ain't no Nikon, but it'll do :)

I've got three CP scopes mounted on various rifles...all do quite well :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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