Nuts in the woods.....

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by warpig, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Well, it's opening weekend of the deer season in many places.....and if you think you've got nuts in the woods where you live, take a look here in Minn-eeee-sota....

    An 89 year old hunter shot a horse (with a 12 year old girl riding it), in an open field, thinking it was a deer. No kidding!

    The Minn-eeee-sota Deer Hunters Association is taking up a collection to buy her a new horse.

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    Re: Nuts in the woods.....
    No offense but I hope they take away that old mans hunting license and refuse to ever give him another one.

    Am truly thankful the 12 year old girl is okay but now I'll worry that she'll hate guns forever.

    Poor horse.

    Is there a place to send donations to help buy her a new horse?

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    That is EXACTLY the reason I keep a careful eye around the ranch where I keep my horses. Them damn poachers try to sneak in, and one of these days I'll be riding out on the ranch and get shot by one of these scumbags. It happens every year to lots of people.

    This really gets my blood boiling. I know several people who have lost horses to hunters who have no business shooting a rifle. If you can't clearly identify your target and what's behind it, and get a good clear kill shot, then don't even bother taking the safety off! And if your eyesight isn't good enough to tell the difference between a horse and a deer, don't even bother going into the woods!
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    Re: Nuts in the woods.....
    They shoot at me, I shoot back!
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