Obama bin Laden said we turn to "religion" and "guns"...he was right

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    I would submit that there ARE no morals without God. That is one of the problems we have in our society today...too many people making value judgements based on their own idea of what is moral, not Gods'.

    Any actions thought to be moral, any righteous deeds, that are not based on the laws of our Creator are counterfeit at best and likely ignorantly evil. That speaks to the infiniteness of God and His goodness.

    Keep in mind, not everything that comes from religion comes from God.
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    In a way...it's not so unfortunate. It's times like this when things are bad off that we we realize we do need a Savior. It's the hard times that make us stronger.
    Some people may try to turn to Obama, while others of us turn to Jesus (and by Jesus I don't mean this mamby pamby fruity guy in a white robe that talks with a lisp to his voice about pacifism and hugging people encouraging them to wear multicolored WWJD bracelets:rolleyes:) I'm talking about the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His Father who "prepares my hands for battle my fingers for war" and "who is my shepherd and shall not want."
    I think religion in politics do mix. Seperation of church and state doesn't appear in the Constitution (in spite of what many might think). And Jefferson, in the letter often refered to, didn't mean it the way modern people try to shape it.
    I think religion is a good thing. For one, it guards the state. It keeps it in line. The state has to account to the church. The state can't just trample on your liberties. It has a check. I'm not advocating, a "Church of America" or "Establishment" (although I think my above comment is a plus for Establishment, with all it's faults) but I am saying that religion is not something that is just "between you and God." Christianity is not just the government "allowing" Christians to just go to their little building over here and pray...and leave the "real" problems of the world to us "secular" people. We all live in a community. We all live in a state. "No man is an island unto himself." No, not everybody is going to see eye to eye on everything. There will even be men who have some degree or another of doubt about religion (which, BTW, is not necessarily a bad thing Don'tCryJefferson. Ever hear of "doubting" Thomas?. He doubted and questioned something once...he wasn't slammed for it...he was merely answered and shown evidence. It's never bad to ask questions. Especially Christians since asking questions is how you learn and grow.) It is important to have a common worldview on things. This is what liberals and neocons don't want. They don't want people united. They only want people united under their flags of government which they control. If "liberty" and "freedom" and "religion is between you and God" is your philosophy, then you are going to be merely a lone ranger. Unlike the masked hero, you will perish in your efforts. You will be a Randy Weaver or, worse, a David Koresh and die bunkered up alone or with a small cult. Anybody can say "They ain't takin' my gun" and blab about boarding yourself up in your house and wait for the swat to storm in and mow you down...but that's not going to bring victory.

    I'm glad more and more people are buying guns. And I'm even more glad to hear more and more people are taking Worship in church seriously. As said, people, I'm sure, aren't doing these things just to give them up to Obama. I hope people, organizing through their churches and state and community governments will keep an eye on Obama and jealously guard the hard won liberties they have and be mindful of how they live their lives and how their communities function

    BTW, TJay9, no I don't think you are a non-American because your once rural area has been overrunn by urbanites. Actually...I'd say you are in occupied territory;)
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    TJ, MT, Doug -
    Outstanding points!

    Sam, THANK YOU for inviting me here!!!
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    Doug, thanks! That's a load off my mind. TJ
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