Obama defends Muslim brotherhood riots where only a mob reaction

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    PRESIDENT Barack Obama says "there's no doubt" the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans including the US ambassador "wasn't just a mob action" but a sign of extremism in nations lacking stability.

    The White House initially said the storming of the consulate attack was a spontaneous assault tied to ongoing protests over a video that ridiculed Prophet Mohammed, but has since broadened its answer to say an investigation will show what ultimately happened.
    Obama and first lady Michelle Obama taped the show in New York the day before the president addresses the UN General Assembly.
    The interview, a mix of policy, politics and personal tidbits, will air on Tuesday. Obama made a solo appearance on The View in July 2010, drawing an estimated 6.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen.
    The first lady appeared on the show in late May, where she discussed family life and the re-election campaign.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-new...ma/story-e6frfkui-1226480811469#ixzz27QuBX2iu

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-new...ma/story-e6frfkui-1226480811469#ixzz27Qts7J4C
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    ah, he's so full of it his eyes are brown. adn notice how his hair's getting whiter? all that time out on the golf course must be lightening it

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    And Obama is an IDIOT. Well, we all know he has supported giving them a lot of money by Executive Order thus bypassing Congress - $1.2 billion while he had no approved budget to even run the country. So, our taxpayer dollars (or the increase in our national debt) has been given to a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of our country by the President of our country... Now, how much more F#%&?d up can the left wing liberals be?

    Please - everyone - blast the net. Put the facts out on the liberal websites. Help the liberal idiots wake up. I'm doing it. It's all fine and well to post info here in our nice, safe, gun loving site - If you want the usurper gone, this may be our only chance. SPREAD THE WORD. POST THE LINKS that Jack404 has been working so hard to give us. If we don't spread the word to the best of our abilities, well, then you simply accept whatever Obama wants to do to our country. This is much more than just voting now. This is getting everyone to vote and make sure that they know about Obama.

    Now for reality, Obama is NOT an idiot. Obama has an agenda to destroy America. I may already have passed away when the truth comes to pass as to how he was funded to become President and I suspect a lot of that funding came from our enemies. I wonder.. he happily passes out classified military information on public television to our enemies. How much is he passing on that we don't even see? This guy has our nuclear button in his hands.

    What chance do these women have of suing him - the sitting President?

    This is how he treats women - a true Islamist attitude:

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