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    This a post today on a forum that I lurking on recently. I think the poster, RedStateNYC, sums things up pretty well. Kudos to him (her?). Lots to mull over here, but it will at least get you thinking . . . . .

    It's a bit of a read, but worth the time.

    Occupy AWD
    posted by RedStaterNYC 1:13 PM
    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Time for a little critical self-reflection here. As mentioned (in comments and prior posts), I’ve got that “wheel-spinning” feeling…and that ain’t no good, darlin’. And so I wanted to get a least a skeleton of a game plan on paper that I could use to help pull me out of that rut. But, like my “Upstate Dacha-cum-Bunker” idea, this one sits smoldering on the back burner while the endless stream of life’s little distractions consume my waking hours.

    In a sorta contraposition to Coulter’s truism that conservative radio has an inherent advantage over liberal radio in that it has a natural audience of “people driving cars to some sort of job”[1], conservatives have an distinct and inherent [political] disadvantage relative to liberals precisely because liberals—who seem to be allergic to any sort of actual, productive work that may be of value to anyone—have all the time in the world to agitate TPTB to give them what they want.

    And, of course, the free lunches they incessantly demand always—always—come at the expense of conservatives.

    Contrarily, conservatives are almost universally value-oriented and industrious in nature (whether intellectually, physically, or some combination thereof). We believe in the free market, in meritocracy, in the great “American Way”…but we grow more cynical, apathetic, and despairing the more we see our society becoming incrementally more like the erstwhile Soviet Union—where our entire sociopoliticoeconomic manifold becomes 100% about who you know, and 0% about what you know. Palm-greasing, back-scratching, graft, bribery, flagrant dishonesty and pure, unadulterated Machiavellian “ends-justify-the-means” mentality supplants a mass of honest, hard-working, independent, and free people voluntarily rewarding those who bring them the most value with their own money—earned in the exact same process of honest, open, and meritocratic reciprocity.

    And more alarming is that I believe this supplanting of traditional American values with the “Soviet Union values” of throwing all integrity to the wind and scrambling to work the system by any means necessary in order to secure your own well-being is exponential in nature. The more we who try to obey the rules and conduct ourselves and our businesses ethically feel that we are in the minority, while everyone around us seems to be doing far better by flaunting the rules and behaving like absolute scum, the more we feel we are fools, and that we can only save ourselves and our loved ones if we stop letting ourselves be fleeced…and start fleecing the other “fools.”

    Like Hemingway famously said of [financial] bankruptcy[2], this moral bankruptcy will likely happen in two ways: gradually, then suddenly. And I believe we’re near the edge of the “suddenly” part.

    If you’re anything like me, you come home from work, a little fatigued after a long day at the office; you pull up the headlines; you become enraged after reading about the latest giant steps this nation has taken toward outright despotism; and you can summon just enough energy to log onto the intertubes and blow off some steam. (And then you fall asleep on the couch, until your pregnant wife prods you to come to bed.)

    In other words, like the parable of the sand, pebbles & rocks[3] (and beer!), seems I’m filling my vase up with way too much sand and not enough rocks. And so I axe myself a question: “Self: How am I any different than the Occupy Wall Street re-turds—directionless, whiney, and utterly ineffectual?”

    So here’s where I look for someone to throw me a line and pull me in. Here’s a top-of-my-head brain-vomit of thoughts about where we are and where we need to go. I hope y’all have some good meat and gristle to add to it…

    Executive Summary: We are at war for the future of our nation. The time is nigh where we either step up to win it, or we go sulking off silently into that dark night. The presidential election of 2012 will be the bellwether. We gain the initiative at that time (or sooner) via standard politics, or we gain it shortly thereafter via politics by other means[4].

    The Enemy: The Liberal Establishment

    Federal Leviathan
    News media
    Crony corporatism
    Entertainment media
    Public education
    Public sector unions
    “Useful Idiots”/Brownshirts (think OWS crowd)

    Negatives of our current situation:

    Out-gunned (figuratively speaking)

    Positives of our current situation:

    We’re still kicking!
    Technology (internet, social media, etc.) has largely leveled the playing field
    The guys with the guns (literally speaking) are (by and large) on our side
    “Right makes might”—and we’re right.

    Remediations to current situation:

    Would be great if those with experience in military strategy could draw up a “battle” (or battle, sans quotes) plan.
    Concrete plan to build a network of allies across the nation (and Western Civ, even).

    Need to clarify a short list of concise, tangible goals similar to what the Tea Party did (maybe simply adopt those).
    Prioritize! (E.g., yes—I agree gay marriage should be fought, but not necessarily prior to eliminating, say, the DOE).

    Going to have to agree to disagree on some things and table those disagreements until after the common enemy (enumerated above) has been neutralized.

    Someone? Anyone?

    Again, use the internet, social networking, TOR networking, etc., to build a results- and action-oriented network of patriots around the nation (and Western Civ!).

    Combat the MSM at every turn, win hearts & minds, etc. Slowly deprogram the useful idiots back into free-thinking, independent-minded Americans.
    Staunch the influx of third-world immigrants!!!

    Ok, my lunch hour’s over and work beckons so I must leave it there. I trust I leave this in good hands. Tally ho, ladies.
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    Talking about hitting home Geesh. I personally think his little post here needs more exposure.

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