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    Jun 30, 2005
    We are certainly, living in interesting times !

    Today saw two filibusters maskquerading as "testimony" before two seperate Congressional Committees. Former MFGlobal head Jon Corzine took a lot of time to basically state, "he doesn't know where the money is".....referring, of course to the approximately 1.4 billion dollars missing from investor's accounts with MFG ! Larceny on a grand scale ? No wonder he is nown as such a good "rainmaker" in the Obama Administration !

    USAG Holder spent a productive day filibustering non-answers to even "yes/no" questions to another Congressional Committee investigating his Justice Department's lack of forthrightness in its responses to Congressional inquiries/sopoenas. The gist of his testimony can be easily summarized as We didn't lie, I didn't know, and I won't provide substantive testimony regarding any aspect of my department or its operations.

    Meanwhile his boss was hold a press conference to complain "Republicans are holding up my legislation and appointments ". One such was a bi-partizan effort to prevent the OA from using the EPA to inflict punnitive regulations regarding "nuisance dust" on farmers and rural municipalities . Another was preventing the appointment of a blatently "activist/socialist" judge to the U.S. Circut Court. Given the Administration's previous history of appointing radical activists, former terrorists, and avowed communists as "Czars" with vast unchecked regulatory powers, one can hardly blame Congress for opting to stepping on the burning matches rather than fight the fires !

    And while I may be paranoid; am I paranoid enough ? Today's events at Blacksburg, VA - and its timing - raises some questions. Is the second body discovered really the "shooter" as proclaimed ? Aspects of the "eyewitness descriptions" of the shooter seem strange. Why a hat with a "neon green brim", when you're wearing a hoodie ? Is it possible we have two vics and a (very experienced/trained) perp on the loose ?

    Remember Obama learned his chops at the hands of Rahm, (never let a good crisis go to waste) Emmanuel . Is it possible MFG's collapse is intended to create a "crisis" ? Is the present furor over OF&F screening some other Administration policies ? Sharyl Attkisson noted the Obama Administration has authorized the sales of over 14,000 "assault rifles" (actually AR-15s) via Direct Commercial Sales transactions to the Mexican government. The USDOS (who has to sign off on these transactions) won't even report sales for 2010/11 ! And why would the Mexican government buy semi-auto commercial grade arms when it could purchase military grade ones ? And, if the USG is actively working to sell semii-auto versions of the AR, why is it also trying to work a "sting" ( per its testimony) with straw-purchased guns for U.S. FFLs ?

    Curiouser and Curiouser ! >MW