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Rich in Lincoln
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(3/13/02 5:11:23 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Oh, turkeys turkeys turkeys…
I just moved a year ago to a town north east of Sacramento called Lincoln. It should have been named Turkeyvill! I see 2 to 5 flocks in the seven miles I drive to work! I see them right out side my housing development, all over the golf course (apply named Turkey Creek) and even in the Safeway parking lot (a west coast supermarket). Hmm… maybe that’s why I have bin buying all that stuffing. I been seeing some real trophies in the bunches, I saw one tom that looked like he was going to trip on his beard! I know they are taunting me on purpose.

The only turkey I have taken was 2 years ago and that was a bit of a fluke. I was taking a morning nap in the truck when my hunting buddy (the blind one) wakes me and his brother up by yelling, “ hey look at all those pigs”. We popped up and confirmed that those ill edged pigs were in fact turkeys! We snuck up and with my great calling experience (about a year of calling practice and annoying my wife) I sent the flock running up the hill. Not wanting to miss out on this rare public land opportunity we took off after them. Now anyone that turkey hunts knows, running turkeys down on foot is like swimming after Tuna! I (being 150 lbs. Lighter than the brothers) took of, with bow in hand, up the next ravine over and managed to get in front of those birds. I was panting on a little knoll when I heard the birds coming up the front of the hill. I drew my bow back and two seconds later the flock was 40 yards away. In my haste, I forgot to put on my cammo hat. When the tom saw that suede fedora, he was in love. He gave me a wonderful dance and strut. Then out off nowhere, he starred at me with one eye and ran rite at me. I DRILLED HIM…RITE THREW HIS BEARD! I grabbed him and headed down the hill to my chubby out of breath buddy. They said that they never saw the flock. I figured they drove them to me! A very different turkey tactic I must say. Boy did I ever get bit by the turkey bug!

Now it’s two weeks away from spring turkey season and I find my self with a ton of birds around me and no privet land lock up yet. Water water every were and not a drop to drink! Maybe this fall…


*TFF Staff*
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(3/20/02 9:04:29 am)
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Good story Rich! Good luck on a place to hunt.
"They that can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety." (...Benjamin Franklin, 1759)

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(3/20/02 10:52:43 pm)
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Hey, Rich -

If you live in the Sacramento area, tune in to 105.1 FM (KNCI). My oldest daughter is a "Radio Personality" (DJ to you and me!) there from 10AM to 2PM, weekdays. Jennifer Wood.
Give her a call at the station (916) 338-9212. She'll get a kick out of it!

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(4/14/02 3:11:43 pm)
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I haven't hunted turkeys in about 10 years. However, I always got the same excitement when a gobbler was coming to me that I did when hunting any big game.
I found them easy to call if they weren't with hens, but almost impossible for me if they were with hens. The best thing to do is find out where they are roosting and be there whent they come off the roost, and call them then.

About 1970 I started loading my duck, geese and turkey loads with copper plated shot, and using cream of wheat for cushioning. Later I went to flour and then when they came out with plastic material for that purpose I used that.

While I was using cream of wheat, I loaned some loads with #2 copper to a buddy. We didn't hunt together for turkey that year. He went with another mutual friend named Bob. Roy told me that Bob shot a turkey, and put his gun down and was looking for feathers from the bird. The turkey junmped up and started running. Roy had his gun in hand and said "I raised up and shot, Boom, cream of wheat and twos, and down he went.

I thought his expression "cream of wheat and twos" was amusing.


the real fredneck
V.I.P. Member
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(4/25/02 6:10:37 pm)
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I spent all morning chasing after 3 gobblers running together, damn queers! they would talk the talk but wouldn't walk the walk
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