Oh, what a great Saturday!

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    I went to an auction and got a new Lee progressive turret press with all the fixins for several calibers. I got powder, dial calipers, and a bunch of other stuff in another box. Total cost?-------$35. The owner cried! Can you say, "Kev's a happy camper!!!!!!!!!"

    Oh, yeah, after the auction, we went to Cabelas in KC. Got a bunch of great hunting stuff, and got to look at all the good looking girls.

    Hey, Bin Lauden, our women can kick you butt!

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    Man, talk about falling in the cess pool and coming out smelling like a rose...you got a hell of a deal on the reloading stuff...I'm jellious of course.

    The other sounds like fun too.

    Good on ya.


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    I am never as lucky as you were when it comes to attending auction sells. Where I am from (Arkansas) if there are firearms or reloading equipment listed on an estate sale all the outdoorsmen in the area show up. The stuff usually sells for as much or more than it cost new. You did get one good deal.
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