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ok guys .. n gals whats a luger circa 42 in thev case worth?

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My cousin had it and i have a chance to pick it up. in the original case swastika and all in trade for a 380 my other cuz wants. whats it worth in good shape. no, no pics sorry. just a ballpark fig. d never sell it but dont want to short change my lil cuz. thanks guys i figure one of you knows.
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Most any Luger complete, functioning and passable to look at is $500 up. If numbers all match and fair finish, wood with only minot wood scars it goes up 100s depending on how good plus various details of imprortance to collectors. Figure $600 for a pretty good shooter without going into detail. Hope that is ball-park enough.

Your call of 'original case' I don't ID. If it means military holster, original undamaged, un-modified condition, maybe another 50 t0 100.
thanks a lot. i looked on line and they called it 15 t 2 granda bit steep id say. thanks for the info
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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